Green-Tea Extract Shown To Treat Acne

Treat Acne

For those of you who have a lot of acne, do not worry. A study showed that green tea extract may be an effective treatment for acne. These results were announced PDA Asian Acne 6th Board Meeting in India.

“There is no treatment that is suitable for all types of acne on everyone, so the dermatologist is always looking for a safe and effective way to cure acne,”

said Dr. Jo-Ann See, dermatologist from Australia, as reported by Sky News.

Green tea is suspected to have prospects to effectively Treat Acne. Green tea also has some advantages compared with other beauty remedy, namely natural and non-toxic. Not only that, green tea can also be reached by the public.

Research conducted also known to have a good result, patients taking green tea extract for Treat Acne is known to be more satisfied with the results they get. In addition, they also did not experience any side effects. See Dr. assume that these results are quite promising.

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