To clean a makeup mirror can sometimes pose a challenge. You might be confused on what to use and what not to. Plus, you have to careful with what you use as a cleaning agent and how you use it. One bad mistake could ruin your mirror forever.

There’s nothing more uncomfortable and irritating than doing your makeup with a dirty or streaked mirror. Here’s how to clean your mirror the right way.

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Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Alcohol Stain?

There are several items or ingredients that are great for cleaning mirrors, alcohol stain is not one of them. However, rubbing or Isopropyl alcohol is great to use for cleaning makeup mirrors.

If you have hard and sticky stains on your mirror, that could have emerged due to use of hairspray, glue or spray tans near the mirror. You can simply apply a few droplets of running alcohol unto a cotton bud or soft cloth and wipe directly on dirty areas. After few minutes of wiping back and forth, you should have a stain and goo free mirror.

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Alcohol Spray?

Yes, you can clean the mirror with alcohol spray. Most alcoholic sprays contain isopropyl or running alcohol which is safe for mirror cleaning. There are several alcohol spray products available that are great for cleaning, here are some options;

  • Solimo 50% Isopropyl Alcohol First Aid Antiseptic Spray Bottle
  • MG Chemicals 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol Electronics Cleaner
  • Medical Grade Isopropyl Alcohol

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Alcohol Spots?

No you shouldn’t. The best cleaners for makeup mirrors contain a recommended amount of Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. This is usually applied directly to tough stains with a newspaper that has been folded into a ball or a cotton bud.

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With An Alcohol Sponge?

No, you shouldn’t clean your any kind of sponge. It should be with either cotton buds, wipes or a soft cloth.

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is not a makeup mirror cleaner, although some use it as a cleanser for their skin. Aloe vera has a great number of benefits for the skin but sadly none for your mirror. Let’s discuss some uses of the aloe vera;

  • It serves as an exfoliator

Aloe vera has anti bacterial, inflammatory and antiseptic properties. So it gently purifies the skin when placed on one’s face. You can mix it with a considerable amount of sugar when exfoliating for better results.

  • Aloe vera Soothes and Moisturises Skin

Aloe vera has soothing, moisturising and healing properties. So if you are suffering from dry skin, or cracked skin all you have to do is apply aloe vera directly to the affected area. You can leave it overnight and in time your skin will be refreshed, soft and supple.

  • Aloe vera cures/manages dandruff

Not only does this magic product moisturise skin, it does the same for your hair as well. It moisturises and hydrates your scalp, while ridding it of dandruff with it anti bacterial properties. You can mix aloe vera with tea tree oil for the best results.

If you desire to use a natural ingredient to clean your mirror, your go-to option should be lemon. Yes, lemon as shocking as it may be sound is powerful cleaning ingredient. It is used to remove stains and streaks from mirrors. Here’s how to use lemon.

  • Pour raw lemon juice into a spray bottle and add water.
  • Spray mixture all over the mirror and allow it sit for some minutes.
  • Wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Soap?

Yes, you can and should clean your makeup mirror with soap, specifically dish soap. Let’s show you how with these few steps;

  • First ensure the mirror is dust or powder free. You can simply dust it with a dry soft cloth.
  • Mix warm water and the dish soap in a bowl. More water and dish soap.
  • Mix the combination with a squeegee, then run it over the mirror.
  • Whilst moving in a straight line use the squeegee to remove the mixture from the mirror.
  • For the finale, rub a piece of newspaper on the mirror to prevent streaks.

You can also add vinegar or lemon to the mix mentioned above. This is to ensure there are no streaks on the mirror after cleaning. You can dampen a newspaper wrapped up into a ball with vinegar and use it on the mirror. 1

When mixing vinegar and dish soap together, you should use 2 cups of water, ¼ cup white vinegar and ½ teaspoon dish soap.

Now, let’s mix them together. Pour all the ingredients into a spray bottle. Next shake the bottle vigorously, after closing it to mix the ingredients together. You can then spray your mix onto the mirror and wipe with a dry newspaper or soft cloth.

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Water Instead Of Acid?

Yes, water must be used when cleaning a mirror not acid, as this can be corrosive and ruin the mirror. When buying a cleaner for your mirror do not pick any that contains Hydrofluoric or Phosphoric acid. Any abrasive material is to be kept far from the mirror, these can cause black edges around the mirror or destroy its silver backing.

Water is your best option for cleaning mirrors. For the best results you should mix water with vinegar, lemon and dish soap.

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Baking Soda And Vinegar?

Yes, together these two are a powerful cleaning agent especially if your mirror has stubborn spots. You should mix the two together to form a paste, them apply this paste directly to those spots. After the paste has dried, scrub it off with an old toothbrush or any soft bristle toothbrush. Finally, you wipe the entire mirror with water and a squeegee for a clean finish.

Or you mix water with vinegar in a spray bottle. Next, dampen one a soft cloth with water and sprinkle it with baking soda and scrub the window.

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Baking Soda Or Water?

You can clean your makeup mirror with either of the two, they both go hand in hand. Cleaning your makeup mirror with just water cannot guarantee its total neatness and cleaning your mirror with just baking soda will only create a big mess.

So its best to use them both together. You can also add other ingredients like vinegar and lemon for more effectiveness.

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Baking Soda Or Baking Powder?

You should use baking soda. There is no record of anyone using baking powder to clean a makeup mirror as it’s mainly used as a cooking ingredient.

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