How To Know If You Are Snoring. Should You Be Worried About Your Snore

Many times men, in most cases, have been sent out of bed for trying to bring down the roof with snoring. But I don’t snore, they say.
So many people today find themselves in this situation, it is pretty shocking to find out one day that you’ve been snoring your head off at night. You might even become worried because you never thought you could snore. You might wonder if you should see a doctor? Is there something wrong with your body?
All these questions and more are about to be considered in this article.

snoring person

How Dangerous Is Snoring?

When done occasionally, snoring isn’t dangerous. It is, however, dangerously impacting the sleep quality of those around you.
Snoring is caused when the tongue doesn’t have enough room in the back of the throat, specifically in people who are obese, sleep on their back. There are chemicals in the brain whose job is to trigger breathing, and these can fail in some people who snore, causing oxygen levels to drop dramatically causing cortisone, adrenaline, and other hormones to surge.
Snoring in itself isn’t dangerous; what is dangerous is what it might be an indicator of. Snoring can be a symptom of diseases like Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), a stepping stone for other severe conditions. These conditions are stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, and heart attack.
So if you snore regularly, bear in mind that Sleep Apnea might be a big reason. 1

Can You Inherit Snore With Your Mouth Open?

No, you can’t. Whether your mouth is closed or open when sleeping next to someone who snores, you cannot inherit it.
Although you can inherit the underlying causes for snoring due to genetics, an example of these causes is obesity. Even Obstructive Sleep Apnea may possess a genetic component that, when paired with other non-genetic factors, can cause snoring. Studies showed that having a family member with sleep apnea puts you at a higher risk of having the disorder.
Research has shown that children who have at least one parent who snores are three times more likely to snore than children of silent sleepers. 2

What Does It Mean If You Suddenly Start Snoring?

Sudden snoring can mean or be due to a number of things – obstructed windpipe, weight gain, alcohol, change in exercise routine, aging, jaw issues, oral problems, wisdom teeth.


If you recently started consuming more alcohol and noticed you just started snoring more often, that may be why. This is because alcohol can cause your throat muscles to constrict, causing your airflow to be reduced, which causes snoring. Limiting your alcohol or completely stopping it can help prevent or drastically reduce your snoring.


Did you know that women who are past menopause are just as likely as men to snore? Well, now you know. No study has shown us why hormonal changes cause snoring in women, but hormone therapy has been said to help reduce snoring.

Change In Exercise Routine

If you recently started slacking in your exercise routine, you can lose muscle in your neck and throat area. This can lead to collapsed airways during sleep, thereby making you snore.

Weight Gain

Did you recently start adding more weight? Did you also notice that you snore a lot now? When you gain weight, muscle is added to your neck and throat areas which can cause your airways to collapse while sleeping. To stop snoring, you would have to lose weight.

Weak Throat Tissue

If your throat tissues are weak, your airways are very likely to collapse when you are sleeping, which will cause you to snore.

Sleeping On Your Back

Bad sleeping posture could be the reason you just started snoring. If you sleep on your back, your oral will fall back and block your throat, which causes you to snore.


Snoring when you fall sick or just catch a cold is common because your nose could be blocked. This will make it hard for you to breathe, which in turn brings the snoring out.


If you just started taking sleeping pills around the time your snoring started, that’s probably why. Sleeping pills can cause throat muscles to relax more than usual and mean the tissues will obstruct the airways, causing you to snore.


Smoking can cause inflammation in the upper airway, making snoring more prevalent when sleeping. If you started snoring when you started smoking, simply quitting smoking can help relieve snoring symptoms. Sadly this doesn’t provide immediate relief it could take before the snoring stops completely.
Other things that can cause sudden snoring are depression, reflux, and lack of sleep.

Why Am I Snoring So Loud Lately?

You are snoring loudly because your airway is more narrowed, making your airflow forceful. Your tissue vibration increases, then your snoring becomes louder. There are specific reasons why this happens, let’s consider a few;


As you grow older, your throat muscles become soft and lose elasticity, causing you to snore louder and longer. This is why older people snore louder than younger people.

Bad Habits

If you consume a lot of alcohol, eat a lot of food before bed, smoke, take a lot of junk food. These things cause relaxes the throat muscles and decreases your natural defenses against airway obstruction.

How To Know If You Are Snoring?

Here are some signs you can look out for that will tell if you snore:

  • Waking up with sore throat
  • Gasping and choking while sleeping
  • Drowsiness during the day
  • Restlessness while sleeping
  • Chest pain at nighttime
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to concentrate during daytime
  • You could ask your sleep partner if you snore
  • Irritation and headaches in the morning
  • You can record yourself while sleeping and listen to it the next day.
  • There are apps you can download that are made for taking sleep analytics.

Why Did I Just Start Snoring?

If you just started snoring, this could be due to;

Lifestyle changes

You may have recently started:

  • drinking more alcohol
  • eating late
  • Exercising less
  • Gaining weight
  • Taking drugs or medication that relaxes the airways like anti-depressants and sleeping pills
  • Injury or Sickness
  • If you recently got into an accident that resulted in a jaw misalignment or caught a cold. This could be why you just started snoring.
  • Bad Sleeping posture
  • If you sleep in an awkward or weird position, this could put pressure on your airways.
  • Can You Catch Yourself Snoring?
  • It is possible but very uncommon to hear yourself, but there’s a slight chance you would wake up, and if you do, you’d be returning to sleep almost immediately. This is called a microarousal, and research shows that one can have 20 to 25 of them per hour without remembering in the morning.
  • You can wake up at several intervals while sleeping and snoring to catch your breath, not catch yourself. If you have Sleep Apnea, this can frequently occur as people suffering from the disorder find breathing somehow difficult while sleeping.
  • So just the same way you can’t catch yourself sleeping, you can’t catch yourself snoring. This is why you are advised to check for signs and symptoms or to see a doctor if you suspect that you are snoring.

How Do I Stop Snoring ASAP?

To get rid of snoring quickly, you may have to opt for surgeries as home remedies might take a while. Here is a list of surgical procedures you could try to put an end to your snoring:

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)

This surgical procedure done under local anesthesia involves removing the soft tissues in the back and top of the throat. This includes the uvula, throat walls, and palate.
This makes breathing easier by keeping the airway more open. While rare, this surgery can cause long-term side effects like problems swallowing, voice changes, or the permanent feeling of something in your throat.

Maxillomandibular advancement (MMA)

This is an extensive surgical procedure that moves the upper and lower jaws forward to open your airway. The extra openness of the airways can reduce the chance of obstruction and make snoring less likely to occur.

Hypoglossal nerve stimulation

This procedure involves stimulating the nerve that controls the muscles in the upper airway to keep airways open and reduce snoring. A surgically implanted device can stimulate this nerve, which is called the hypoglossal nerve. It’s activated during sleep and can sense when the person wearing it is not breathing normally.

Midline glossectomy and lingualplasty surgery

Is used to reduce the size of the tongue and increase the size of your airway. One standard midline glossectomy procedure involves removing parts of the middle and back of the tongue. Sometimes, a surgeon will also trim the tonsils and partially remove the epiglottis.


Somnoplasty is a unique surgical method for reducing habitual snoring by removing or stiffening tissues of the uvula and soft palate by using very low levels of radiofrequency heat energy to create finely controlled localized burn-areas beneath the lining (mucosa) of the soft tissues of the soft palate. 3

How Do I Stop Snoring Permanently Home Remedies?

There are simple home remedies and lifestyle changes you can make to stop snoring. Let’s look at some of them;

  • Good Sleeping Posture

If sleeping in a bad posture can get you snoring, sleeping in a better one can help stop the snoring. It is advised that you sleep on your side, preventing your throat from being blocked and interrupting your airflow.

  • Sleep More

Insufficient sleep increases your risk of snoring because it can cause your throat muscles to relax, making you more susceptible to airway obstruction. Snoring could increase your risk of sleep deprivation since it causes your sleep to be constantly interrupted. This is why you must try to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep for adults.

  • Make Use Of Nasal Strips

Placing nasal strips at the bridge of your nose and slightly raising your nostrils to facilitate air passing could help reduce snoring.

You could internal nasal dilators; these ones are fixed inside the nose. Or You could try an external nasal dilator, which is a stiffened adhesive strip that’s placed on top of the nose across. They can decrease airflow resistance, making it easier to breathe and putting an end to your snoring.

  • Do Not Take Alcohol Before Bed

You could also limit your alcohol intake if you can’t stop completely drinking. Avoid alcohol 3 hours before bedtime. A study showed that alcohol intake does reduce the amount of sleep one is supposed to get.

  • Keep Your Weight In Check

When you are overweight, excess tissue in the throat and mouth area will restrict your airflow. This is why it is crucial that you lose weight to eliminate all that unnecessary tissue.

  • Keep Your Head Elevated

When sleeping or about to sleep, ensure that your head is raised. You could use a pillow or bed risers; these help keep your airway open enough to prevent snoring.

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How Healthy Is Snoring? When You Should Be Concerned About Snoring

Imagine this scenario, you are lying next to someone trying to fall asleep, and finally, you do. Only for you to be awakened moments later by a loud grunt sounding noise. At first, you freak out you think it’s a wild animal. Then you look at the person beside you and calm down, they are just snoring.

Many people have found themselves in similar situations. If you are one of those people, you may wonder, why do people snore? Is it healthy? Does everyone snore? Do I snore?

Let’s help you answer those questions.

unhealthy snoring in sleep

How Common Is Snoring?

Snoring is very common, especially among people between the ages of 40-60, specifically men.

Studies show nearly everyone snores sometimes, but it becomes more prevalent with age. 45% of adults snore occasionally, and 25% snore regularly. Research has also shown that snoring is common in 57% of men, 40% of women, and 27% of children. It is safe to say that it is pretty widespread.

How To Tell If You Have Been Snoring?

There are certain signs or symptoms you would notice that would tell if you have been snoring or not. Here are the characters;

  • Waking up to sore throat
  • Feeling like you haven’t gotten adequate when you wake up
  • Feeling irritated for the rest of the day
  • Extreme drowsiness during the day
  • Choking, gasping, difficulty breathing while sleeping
  • Experiencing fatigue during the day
  • Other ways to tell if you have been snoring are;
  • Ask someone: Ask someone who sleeps next to you or around you if they have heard you snore. If you find asking a little weird, remember that you be doing them and yourself a favor.
  • Use Your Phone: Several apps for your phone can record you while sleeping. You don’t even have to use an app, you can just use your phone’s recorder. Turn it on and place it by your bed before you go to sleep.
  • See a doctor. 1

How Unhealthy Is Snoring?

Generally speaking, snoring isn’t unhealthy, but it can signal the presence of other health issues like Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). If you;

  • Snore very loudly 
  • Have a neck circumference that is wider than 40cm
  • Are 40 and above
  • Are a man
  • Have HBP or is currently receiving treatment for HBP
  • Noticed you stoped breathing while asleep
  • Experience fatigue during the day.
  • Find out your snoring sounds like you choking, snorting or gasping.

There is a higher chance that you do have sleep apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is a breathing disorder in which the airway gets blocked or collapses during sleep, causing repeated lapses in breath. Bear in mind that just because you snore doesn’t mean you have sleep apnoea, ensure to visit your doctor to be given a correct diagnosis.

Snoring or Sleep Apnoea can lead to other health issues like; stroke, heart disease, arrhythmia, GERD, and reduced blood oxygen levels. However, if your snoring is light and infrequent, there is a big chance you have nothing to worry about.

Do You Snore Before You Die?

Not actually. There is something called ‘the death rattle’. This is something a person does when they are close to death. Their body begins to exhibit certain symptoms and The breathing patterns change and can create a rattling sound. The nearly dead person could snore or even moan in place of a rattling sound. 

Daily reported about 25 year old Lewis Little whose snoring was actually his final breaths leaving his body. Lewis was suffering from Bruguda syndrome, which caused his heartbeat to be abnormal. It is essential that you consult your doctor from time to time so certain illnesses like this can be discovered and treated on time. 

Although, studies show that people who snore due to sleep apnoea have a 40% higher chance of dying compared to their counterparts. Snoring, especially one caused by sleep apnoea, can also lead to other health problems that could eventually kill you.

Is Snoring Good For Your Voice

Research has shown that snorers tend to have hoarseness and voice weakness compared to non-smokers. Adequate hydration in the throat is necessary for your voice to sound good or at least normal. However, the breathing pattern of snorers will only cause the throat to be dry. This could be what causes hoarseness and weak voice in smokers. 2

Can Snoring Be Contagious

No, snoring is not contagious as it isn’t an infectious disease like the common cold or flu. 

Snoring is caused by the narrowing of your upper airways during sleep. Airway narrowing is a normal phenomenon during sleep. But in a specific group of patients who suffer from obesity, hypothyroid, to mention a few, the calibre upper airways are narrowed. When air moves through these narrowed airways, the airway is set into vibration, and that is what causes snoring. 

Does Snoring Spread Coronavirus?

No, snoring doesn’t spread the virus

Studies have only shown that breathing or talking can release small particles of fluid that could contain the virus. This is why people are advised to wear a mask. Although these studies do not have so much water, it is still essential to be careful when sleeping next to an infected person. Heavy breathing is said to be capable of spreading the virus, and snorers are heavy breathers.

Is There A Permanent Fix For Snoring?

Yes, there are permanent fixes or solution to snoring. There are different surgeries that can be done to rectify snoring, lets discuss some;

  • Somnoplasty: Somnoplasty is a unique surgical method for reducing habitual snoring by removing or stiffening tissues of the uvula and soft palate. Somnoplasty uses very low levels of radiofrequency heat energy to create finely controlled localized burn-areas beneath the lining of the soft tissues of the soft palate. These burn areas are eventually resorbed by the body, shrinking the tissue volume and stiffening the tissues, thereby reducing symptoms of snoring. 3
  • Pillar procedure (palatal implant): This is a minor surgery used to treat snoring and less severe cases of sleep apnea. It involves surgically implanting small polyester rods into the soft upper palate of your mouth. 4

How Do I Get Rid Of Snoring Naturally

If your snoring is not stemming from any underlying serious health issue, you can treat it at home naturally. Here are some ways to treat snoring;

  • Lifestyle change: If you have certain unhealthy habits that could be contributing to your snoring, you would have to stop. You would have to avoid alcohol, sleeping pills, smoking, and many others. If you are obese you would need to lose weight.
  • If your snoring is not so severe, you can cure it at home by doing these few things
  • Try sleeping on your side, it could be any. Do not sleep on your back.
  • Make sure your head is elevated from the bed, you could do this with a pillow.
  • You could widen your nostrils for more airflow by using nasal strips to hold them more open.
  • Clear Your Airway: if you have something disturbing your breathing like stuffy nose, you should try clearing them before going to bed.
  • Ensure air is moist: If dry air can irritate your nose and throat, perhaps you should get a humidifier.
  • Be mindful of what you eat before bed: Eating large meals or certain foods can lead to snoring.
  • Exercise

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What Is The Purpose Of The Vanity Mirror? What To Know Before Picking A Mirror

The vanity mirror is described as a portable mirror used for grooming. You use to make sure you look good by styling your hair, applying makeup, and feeding your vanity as the name suggests. The vanity mirror is sometimes called the makeup mirror or cosmetic mirror.

Every homes needs a vanity mirror just as you need air to breathe. Not only does it add beauty to the home, it is essential for your overall physical well-being( because you can’t see yourself without it). So before getting yourself one, here a few things you need to know.

vanity mirror

What Is The Purpose Of The Vanity Mirror?

Imagine having to go through life with no idea of how you looked or a misconception of how you looked. Dreadful, right?

Vanity mirrors serve as the gateway to your true reflection, you stare into them to see a particular portion of your face. Sometimes even your teeth. You cannot achieve perfection in your makeup without a vanity mirror. Even for just a quick touch up, you need the mirror.

It’s an essential household item that serves the purpose of making you look your utmost best. You can’t be the best version of yourself without a mirror.

What Is The Height Of A Makeup Vanity?

The standard height of a makeup vanity is 30-34 inches. It is crucial that you can easily reach the top of the vanity table when sitting, but 26-29 inches is more common for sit-down vanities.

The ideal height for a bathroom vanity is between 24 and 35 inches.

What Is The Best Light For A Makeup Vanity?

The best kind of light for makeup vanity is a natural soft white light. When picking a good light for your makeup vanity, you should avoid yellow-hued, rose-colored, fluorescent, and dim lights. 

Rose-colored lights

Rose-colored lights can make you look flawless and gorgeous when you apply your makeup with them. Sadly, it’s all a scam. The colored lighting hides your blemishes, spots, and uneven tone. So rest assured, when you step out and see yourself through another lighting, you won’t be looking very good. This is why rose-colored lighting is not advisable for makeup, No matter how tempting it might be.

Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights do the opposite of rose-colored lights. They emphasize your blemishes and spots; they may make it look worse than it is. This will cause you to go overboard with your makeup because you are trying to cover up the blemishes. You would apply too much concealer, foundation, and bronzer; because the light is so white and so bright, you can’t tell when it’s in excess.

Yellow-hued lights 

This kind of light is generated from generic light bulbs; it makes you tired, dull, and sick. You would end up splurging on too much concealer, trying to cover barely existent lines. Pouring your foundation in a bid to hide what this false light shows you. Using this light would have you walking around town looking like a clown. 

Dim lights

We know flattering dim lighting can be in several situations. Sadly, makeup application is not one of them. It’s best for a quiet dinner, bath, or any other scenario that comes to your mind. However, when doing your makeup, you need to see as clearly as possible so you don’t miss any spots and have your entire makeup come out half done. You could be tempted to put on too much makeup all because you can’t see clearly. 

So under no circumstances should you do your makeup using any of these lights mentioned above. If you can’t have natural soft light all the time, the next best thing is LED lights. These are a replica of the natural outside lights, so rest assured you get to walk out looking exactly as you looked in the mirror. 2

What’s The Difference Between A Vanity And A Mirror?

There are a couple of differences between a vanity mirror and a regular mirror. Let’s mention some of them;

  • Vanity mirrors usually are made with tempered glass. This glass is more potent and less likely to break during cleaning. On the other hand, a regular mirror isn’t made with tempered glass and can break during cleaning.
  • When vanity mirrors break, they break into rounded glass shreds, making them less dangerous. Regular mirrors break into sharp edges. So they are pretty dangerous.
  • Vanity mirrors do not get misty and oily very quickly, which is the exact opposite of regular mirrors.
  • Vanity mirrors can come with advanced technology like touch screens, LED lights, and magnification to improve the user’s experience. Regular mirrors do not come with any of these.

What Is The Type Of Mirror Used As A Dressing Room Mirror?

A plane mirror is often used as a dressing room mirror. It is a mirror with a flat (planar) reflective surface. A plane mirror makes an image of objects in front of the mirror; these images appear to be behind the plane in which than mirror lies. A straight line drawn from part of an object to the corresponding part of its image makes a right angle with and is bisected by the plane mirror’s surface. The image formed by a plane mirror can either be virtual (meaning that the light rays do not actually come from the image) or real (meaning that the light rays actually come from the image).1

How Big Should A Vanity Mirror Be?

A vanity mirror should be several inches fewer than your vanity sink area in terms of width. So a 40 inches wide vanity should go with a 36-38 inches wide mirror. In terms of height, it depends on your ceiling height and your eye level. Standard vanity mirrors are usually 28-34 inches high.

Also, when picking how big your mirror should be, do not forget about sconces in the bathroom. So, choose a mirror that is closer to 60-70 percent of the width of the vanity, so the sconces have enough room.

Should I Use A Square or Round Vanity Mirror?

The choice is entirely up to you; however, there are a few things to know before making that decision. 

Some people think that round mirrors are old-fashioned, but they are the safest option. So when in doubt, go for a round mirror. They give the room an aura of softness; they cause the room to seem more relaxed, warm, and welcoming. Since most furniture is either square, rectangular or edgy, having something of a different shape would be quite enthralling.

Round vanity mirrors also show off some wall space if you have a wall tile or wallpaper that you would like to be visible.

Square mirrors have a classy look to them, plus if you want the mirror to fill up the room, they are a better option. You can also be more creative by putting more a whole bunch of square mirrors side by side.

If you want to spice things up more, you could use both in your room. Just make sure it doesn’t look chaotic unless that is what you are aiming for.

When Should You Use A Round Bathroom Mirror?

A round mirror is a good choice anytime, any day. If you want more wall areas to be exposed, a wall mirror is a good idea. If you desire contrast and your bathroom is already filled with square or rectangular shapes, a round mirror is advised.

What Is The Best Vanity Mirror?

There are so many great vanity mirrors out there its almost impossible to point out the best one, especially after considering personal preference. So, here is the list of toprated vanity mirrors;

Simplehuman 8 Inches Round Sensor Mirror

  • This toprated vanity mirror from simplehuman replicates natural lighting with the Tru-Lux Light System, which simulates the full-color spectrum of the sun’s light. 
  • Its brightness level can be regulated from dim to candlelight and to bright midday sun. This mirror uses a USB-C charging cord, that lasts up to five weeks with each charge.

ANTEN Backlit Bathroom LED Mirror

  • This is a wall-mounted vanity mirror that is designed for both horizontal and vertically installation, making it a splendid choice for small bathrooms. Its LED lights are dimmable with an adjustable color temperature.
  • This mirror also comes with an anti-fog feature to improve user experience. It is available in: 24 by 36 inches, 28 by 36 inches, and 24 by 40 inches.

Fascinate Tri-fold LED Lighted Mirror

  • This 14 inches by 9.4 inches vanity mirror lets you examine your makeup from different angles. you can place it on a dresser, vanity, or table of your choosing. 
  • The FASCINATE tri-fold mirror offers 2X, 3X, and 10X magnification on seperate parts of the mirror. 
  • It has two colors; black or white. It charges through a USB cable or uses its three AA batteries.

Fenchilin Lighted Makeup Mirror

Heres what make this vanity extra special;

  • Fenchilin makeup vanity mirror with lights is an idea vanity mirror that fits all sizes of your dressing table.
  • Its high-definition mirror makes your makeup clearer.
  • It has 12pcs non-replaceable LED bulbs that provide a large and bright view.
  • Adjustable brightness with three lights color modes (daylight, cold light, warm light), helping you to finish a flawless makeup.
  • Its sensor switch is on the screen so that you can turn on/off the LED light mirror with the power button. 
  • You can adjust the brightness by pressing the “P” button to change the lighting mode.
  • The memory function can return to the previous lighting brightness used.
  • It has a 360-degree free rotation that fixes at any position to give you the perfect viewing angle.
  • This mirror has a detachable 10X Magnification mirror. This makes it easier for you to see every detail.
  • The Fenchilin mirror is powered by a 12V UL certified adapter, designed with 12 non-replace bulbs.

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Where Should A Makeup Mirror Be Placed? The Dos and Don’ts Of The Makeup Mirror

The production of mirrors dates way back to 6000 B.C. Then mirrors were made from volcanic glass, polished copper, and polished stone. As time went on, mirrors were made with higher quality materials and more expertise.

Today, the makeup mirror is one of the best beauty-inclined inventions to grace this earth.

However, with more innovations comes more confusion and questions. So let us answer your questions on mirrors one at a time.

vanity makeup mirror table

What is a makeup desk with a mirror called?

It is called a vanity table. It is noteworthy that this name was recently awarded; a vanity table used to be called different things in the past.

In 1762, Thomas Chippendale created what was called a toylet table. This table consists of a mirror hanging just on top, with a ruffled fabric covering the legs of the table. 

In the 19th century, the vanity table was called a dressing table; it is still called this in recent times. The dressing table was larger and usually had several drawers and a mirror. Apart from the makeup mirror, other than things are found on the vanity table —

Splendid lighting; this usually comes from the built-in LED lights, but it’s best to have the table near a window for more natural light. 

The correct seating; you could find yourself sitting down for long, so you must pick a comfortable chair. Maybe something with a cushion that would not cause your backache.

Things that warm your heart; could be cards, roses, little toys, or anything else.

Proper storage; Drawers are essential because they help you store all the important things you cannot keep on the table. This also saves you from happening to a very messy and cluttered vanity table.

Flowers + candles would make your vanity mirror easy on the eyes and make it look sacred and smell just as divine.

Where Should A Makeup Mirror Be Placed?

Where a makeup mirror is placed depends greatly on you. You can decide to install it in your bathroom, bedroom, or even in your living room area. The truth is the best place to put a makeup mirror is in the bedroom, as it has a better temperature, is cool, dry, and is filled with natural light. Setting up a makeup mirror in a spot without good lighting, will lead to dark shadows and overcast, which will disturb your makeup application. After deciding to set up your makeup mirror in the bedroom, here are three good places to put it—

  • Beside the window
  • Beside the bed
  • Next to a big piece of furniture

This is the best position to receive natural light without darkness and shadowing. It would also be advisable to put the mirror right Infront of the widow if the mirror is spacious enough. But if this would lead to blocking the better part of the window, find a good enough position right beside it.

Beside The Bed

This position is excellent, especially if you are trying to save space. You could also keep your other essentials in the vanity table. However, do not have your back to the window when placing your mirror. You would be blocking the natural light you need, so the makeup mirror should be arranged to get enough natural light. 

Next To A Big Piece Of Furniture

This would help you save space, plus it looks great as the mirror would probably blend in perfectly with the other furniture. Still consider how the natural light is reflected; make sure it isn’t blocked the other furniture.

After deciding what part of the house you want the mirror to be, you must now consider if the mirror will be— wall-mounted, hung, placed on a table. 1

What Height Do You Hang A Makeup Mirror

The makeup mirror should be 37 to 44 inches from the floor for a seated person if used while standing – 54 to 60 inches above the floor. However, it all boils down to personal preference.

Are Bathroom Mirrors Glued To The Wall

Yes, some bathroom mirrors are glued to the wall. Frameless bathroom mirrors are attached to the wall with a special glue or silicone. Bear in mind that it is risky, especially for large and weighty mirrors, it’s advised you use clips instead. 

Gluing a bathroom mirror involves a couple of steps and equipment. Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Measuring tape
  • Liquid nails\Silicone
  • Glue gun
  • 4-foot level
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Packing blocks
  • Safety glasses and gloves

Now let’s get into the steps;

  • Get an assistant: it doesn’t matter if it’s a small mirror or not. Having an extra hand makes the experience easier and less risky.
  • Get the area nice and clean before you start.
  • Put double-sided tape on the side of the back of the mirror, and then put some silicone on the top and bottom sides of the mirror. The amount of silicone used varies depending on the size and weight of the mirror.
  • Next, you measure up the wall. Take your level(measuring tape if that’s what you have), put it on the side of the vanity, and make a plumb line. That will be the outside edge of where the mirror will be.
  • Measure up how high you are going to install the mirror.
  • Take the overall height, deduct the size of the mirror and then halve the remaining left distance.
  • Map the line and do another straight edge( you can use a few packing blocks to stack up on the wall, then hold them with tape)
  • You then place your mirror on the packing blocks and the markings you have previously made. Make sure it is all lined up with the marks on the side.
  • Gently push against the glass to spread the silicone. Make sure it makes good contact with the wall or surface you are gluing it to.
  • Then you leave to cure or dry. Put some tape on the corners to prevent it from slipping as you let the silicone sit overnight for extra precaution. 

Should I Use Wire To Hang A Heavy Mirror?

You can use wire to hang a heavy mirror, as long as it is very sturdy. Some people recommend picture-hanging wire; others don’t. So when buying a wire for that purpose, it is best to ask the store owner questions.

However, if you are going to hang a mirror with a wire, here’s how you should do it;

  • First, take note of the capacity of the picture wire you are getting to make sure it can hold your mirror firmly. It would be best to weigh the mirror to tell if it is above the picture wire’s limit. (The limit is usually written on the picture wire) 
  • Make sure your new mirror already has hardware attached to it, if it does, it’s safe to hang. If you are using an old mirror that you aren’t sure of, you can reinforce the frame with angle brackets.
  • Pick a spot to hang the mirror; positioning it over a stud is an excellent idea but not entirely necessary if you have the proper anchors. Mark the center of the stud and bear in mind that utilities might be attached to it if it is near a light switch or outlet.
  • Now hold the mirror in the spot you picked, close to eye level. Mark the wall in the center of the top edge with a pencil or painter’s tape.
  • Now, you will have the wire attached to the back of the mirror. 
  • You can hang rings or wires from two hooks on the wall. To get the suitable space between them, stick a long piece of tape on a level and mark the space between the D rings.
  • Set the level aside, grab one of the mounting hooks, lock it on the ring, and measure from the hole to the top of the mirror; transfer this distance to the wall using the line as a guide.
  • Center your level on the wall and mark the holes
  • Now add bumpers to the back of the wall to avoid scratching it and carefully hang the mirror on the hooks.

How Do You Hang A Mirror With No Hooks?

The steps to follow are pretty straightforward when hanging a mirror with no hooks. It is easier to hang a light mirror, you can use a strong adhesive tape. Here is how it is done in a few easy steps;

  • Start by properly cleaning the wall you want to use.
  • Take a roll of a solid double-sided adhesive mounting tape
  • Cut the tape to two pieces that are the same width as the mirror. 
  • Stick the strips of tape to the back of the mirror. 
  • Press the mirror gently and firmly against the wall until it sticks, and that’s all. 

How Do You Hang A Heavy Frameless Mirror On A Wall?

There are two easy methods to hang a heavy frameless mirror on a wall: Adhesive or mounting clips. 

Mounting Clips

if you are using mounting clips you will need;

  • mounting clips
  • Level or measuring tape
  • Drill gun
  • Hammer
  • Painters tape

Now the steps;

  • Use the painter’s tape to measure the mirrors exact length
  • Then remove the tape and place it on the wall for a straight line. Use the level to make sure the tape is straight.
  • Insert drill bits into the drill that are the same size as the wall anchors you would insert into the wall
  • Measure three inches from each corner of the tape and mark the middle of the two measurements
  • Use a mounting slip to spot where you would be drilling
  • Next, you drill holes and insert nails in them. carefully take out the tape
  • screw your wall anchors into the wall
  • then you set your mirror carefully on it


When hanging a heavy frameless wall with adhesive, you will need these tools;

  • Painter’s tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Quality adhesive
  • Electric drill
  • A holding brace 
  • Primer
  • A sanding block

Here are the steps to hanging the mirror;

  • Use a pencil to point out the mirror’s position.
  • Take a pencil and place a mark on the part of the wall that will be the mirror’s top. 
  • Then grab a level and place it on the mark to make short lines on where the mirror’s corners should be.
  • Use the painter’s tape to mark the areas on the wall.
  • After making the marks on the wall, take four pieces of painter’s tape and put them on all four marks. Remember that it will be permanent once you place the mirror on the wall using adhesive, so be mindful of where you are placing the painter’s tape.
  • Prime the wall by taking a primer can and applying a couple of coats to the wall where the mirror will be placed. Ensure to let the first coat of primer dry before applying the second coat.
  • Apply a holding brace to hold the mirror in position while the adhesive dries. Install a metal or wooden brace made from plywood scraps to the mirror’s bottom edge. To do this, remove the painter’s tape from the wall and drill screws into the wall where the mirror’s bottom corners will go. Ensure to drill pilot holes before the screws to ensure good placement, then drill the brace into the wall.
  • Apply mirror adhesive to the back of the mirror. To keep the adhesive from squeezing out along the mirror’s edges, be sure to apply it at least two inches from the mirror’s edges.
  • Attach the mirror to the wall and gently press it tightly against the wall. 2

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Alcohol?

Yes, it would be best to clean your mirror with rubbing alcohol. You don’t have to apply the rubbing to every inch of the mirror; you should apply it directly to stains.

All you have to do is take a cotton swab or soft cloth, add some rubbing alcohol to it and rub gently on stains. To ensure the mirror is squeaky clean; after using the alcohol, you can use your preferred cleaning solution to clean from top to bottom.

Should I Clean My Makeup Mirror With Water?

Totally. You can clean your mirror with water.

You can make a vinegar and water mix to give your makeup mirror the sparkle it deserves. All you have to do is mix an equal measure of vinegar and water in a spray can. 

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Are Makeup Mirrors Worth It? Choosing Between Expensive and Cheap Mirrors

Since the first mirror was made in 1835 by German chemist Justus Von Liebig, no human can live without the invention.

More innovations have been added to mirrors to make them more user-friendly and more efficient. The makeup mirror was created to enhance makeup application and make it a smooth and effortless affair.

Although, many still wonder if a makeup mirror is better than a regular mirror. They wonder if the makeup mirror is worth their time and money.

Are Makeup Mirrors Worth It?

The answer is a definite yes; makeup mirrors are very much worth every penny. Putting on makeup in front of a beautifully lit and designed mirror makes you feel special and like the main character in a movie.

You can buy the most expensive, sought-after, and trendy makeup items, but all that goes out the window when it isn’t applied correctly. Hence, a makeup mirror is needed to facilitate easy and perfect makeup application.

The best makeup mirrors are the ones that come with LED lights, a touch screen, 5x and above magnification, and a trifold frame. 

Why Are Mirrors So Expensive Right Now?

When buying anything, there’s something you should never forget– the higher the price, the higher the value for your money. This isn’t always the case. 

Mirrors are expensive due to a variety of reasons. Let’s look at some:

  • The type of glass of used
  • The mirror type
  • The frame on the mirror
  • The size and weight of the mirror
  • The technology used
  • The type of material used

The Type Of Glass Used

You may think, isn’t it just glass. Contrary to your belief, it isn’t just glass.

More expensive mirrors tend to have a higher quality glass; this glass lasts longer and is more accurate than less expensive glass. Substandard or imitation materials are used in making cheap glass, and these will not give you the best experience.

The Type Of Mirror

There are two types of mirrors- first surface mirrors and second surface mirrors.

First surface mirrors are more expensive and high quality than second surface mirrors. First surface mirrors are made with silver backing, which will cause them to last longer and give a more accurate reflection.

However, second surface mirrors are made with aluminum backing, making them a lower quality.

The Frame On The Mirror

If you buy a mirror with a frame, the kind of frame used plays a significant role in its price.

Frames can be from wood, metal, plastic, and metal. The type of material used to create the frame would also affect the cost of the mirror.

Mirrors with frames containing many details and more ornate will be pretty expensive.

Size and Weight Of The Mirror

Mirrors that are large and weighty are always more expensive. This is because the producers invest more effort, skill, and materials in creating these mirrors.

It is also costly to ship these mirrors from their place of production to either their buyer’s home or where they are to be sold. There is also a high demand for large mirrors; aside from their primary purpose, they also decorate and beautify the home. 


Mirrors now include touch screens, LED lights, anti-fog technology, and magnification, to mention a few. All these new modifications weigh heavily on a mirror’s price tag.


Mirrors made with borosilicate glass, fused quartz, and ultra-Low expansion glass are always more expensive than mirrors made with other materials.1

Why Are Makeup Mirrors So Expensive?

Makeup mirrors are different from regular mirrors, they have several embellishments and modifications that make them perfect for makeup application.

Makeup mirrors come with advanced technology like magnification, trifold frames, infused LED light, and touch screens. More effort, expertise, and time are put into creating these mirrors; these automatically make them more expensive. 

What Is The Difference Between A Cheap Mirror And An Expensive Mirror?

There are several differences between a cheap and expensive mirror, let us consider some of them.

  • Cheap mirrors use plate glass; expensive mirrors, on the other hand, use borosilicate glass or other high-quality glass.
  • Expensive mirrors are always very thick, they have a thickness level of 1/8, 3/16, ¼ inch. Cheap mirrors, on the contrary, are usually thin; they do not have a high thickness level. Glass is flexible, so when placed against a wall that’s not flat, the glass is going to take that shape if it’s not thick enough. When the mirror takes the wall’s shape, its reflection becomes inaccurate and distorted. 
  • Every mirror must have a reflective material added to the back of the glass. The quality of this reflective material will determine how high quality the mirror will be. Expensive mirrors use silver as their reflective coating, along with a sealer and several coats of paint to prevent the silver from tarnishing. Red lead, which serves as a protection for the silver, is applied, then a final coating of sealer is then applied over the red lead. All these procedures contribute to the durability and accuracy of expensive mirrors.
  • Cheap mirrors use low-quality and very thin coatings of reflective material than more expensive mirrors.

How Much Should You Pay For A Mirror?

How much you pay for a mirror depends significantly on the type of mirror, its shape, size, installation, and place of purchase. Let us focus on the costs of the two most sought after mirrors: the bathroom mirror and makeup mirror.

Bathroom room

A small-sized flat-mounted bathroom mirror with a cabinet costs $20-$100.

An average bathroom wall mirror installed over a sink costs $200-$500.

A small-sized, low-quality, mirrored medicine cabinet costs $15-$100, but a bigger, higher-quality one costs $100-$500. 

A furniture-style mirrored cabinet with more advanced options costs $500-$1200.2

Makeup Mirrors

Good makeup mirrors come with LED lights, touch screens, magnifications, 360-degree rotation, sometimes a tri-fold, and many other specifications.

These kinds of mirrors usually cost from $22-$200. However, if you buy a branded or designer mirror, prices would range from $1000 and above.

Are Makeup Mirrors Accurate?

The accuracy of makeup mirrors depends significantly on how they are made. A slight mistake here and there can alter your reflection, but thankfully not in an overly dramatic manner.

A good makeup mirror will give you a good and clear reflection of yourself. Plus, the magnifications added to the mirror help you see more minor details of yourself. It is important to note that you will look a little different under different lighting.

However, as long as a makeup mirror is made with high-quality materials, you are sure your reflection will be accurate or at least nearly accurate. 

Are Makeup Mirrors Concave Or Convex?

Most concave mirrors are makeup mirrors. Concave mirrors curve inwards; this curve focuses light and magnifies the image in front of it. 

This is why concave mirrors are best for makeup, because every detail of your face, including the pores, is visible. 

Convex mirrors do the opposite of concave mirrors; they curve outwards and cause images to be smaller than they are. These mirrors are not suitable for makeup, they are used for safety purposes to show more in plain mirrors.

A magnified mirror allows you to see what part of your makeup is not sitting right, or if your eyeliner and mascara is smudged. You can zoom in on one particular face area to ensure your foundation is applied correctly. This way, your makeup comes out flawless and perfect.

Just remember that to have the best experience with a concave mirror, you have to be up close. Looking at a concave mirror from afar would have your reflection flipped upside down, but your reflection is flipped back and magnified once you are closed. 

Are Makeup Mirrors Bad For Your Eyes?

No, makeup mirrors are not bad for your eyes. The light coming from LED mirrors is has a low intensity, not to mention that it is soft, making it harmless. Reports have shown that continuous exposure to blue light can cause permanent eye damage.

The whiter or colder the light in LED lighting, the higher the proportion of blue in its color spectrum. This blue light is unhealthy for humans because not only does it damage your eyes, but it also affects your sleep. 

Fortunately, makeup mirrors with LED lights do not contain blue lights. Instead, they give off a warm glow that is softer on the eyes.

It does not include the cold or white light that is dangerous to the eyes. Despite the softness of the LED light, it is still bright enough to create unique and flawless makeup. 3

Are LED Mirrors Safe?

Yes, they are very safe because of the following reasons

  • Give off a warm, bright light that doesn’t cause any form of damage to the eye.
  • Do not give off hazardous waste like Mercury
  • Do not consume a lot of electricity.
  •  So you get to use an environmentally safe light that makes makeup application easy and saves you money. 

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Do Mirrors Make You Look Better? Your Questions About Mirrors Answered

It’s nothing new to feel like a baddie and look better when you stare in the makeup mirror, but the second you pull out your front camera, you are immediately humbled. Why do I look different? Why does the mirror make me look better? These are questions that you may have asked yourself.

So you wonder why is it so? Is your mirror deceitful, or is your brain playing tricks on you?

Do Mirrors Make You Look Better?

Technically speaking, no they do not make you look better. There is something called the mere-exposure effect. It is a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. This effect happens when you look at yourself in the mirror every day that you automatically generate a strong likeness for what you see. 1

Plus, when looking in the mirror, you can immediately adjust if you see something you don’t like. You could try a different angle, hide a particular feature you don’t like, and eventually, you look as perfect as you want. So every time you look in the mirror, you see that particular image of yourself, and you believe that is how you look.

This is why whenever you take a picture, you see a completely different person, and you are shocked. That is because you aren’t used to that image of yourself. The mere effect hasn’t occurred because you aren’t constantly exposed to that image of yourself.

Another reason why you may look better in the mirror is lighting. Lighting plays a significant role in how your skin looks at that particular moment. When looking at the mirror, your brain uses the lighting to even out your skin. It makes you think you have entirely even skin, but the opposite is the case when you use a camera.

The camera uses the lighting to show you your face’s exact tones, shadows, and blemishes.

Do Mirrors Make You Look More Attractive?

Yes, you look more attractive in the mirror, but that’s not technically a fault of the mirror.

You see yourself every day in the mirror, but most times, it’s from one particular angle; you forget your face isn’t symmetrical but asymmetrical. So one side is probably going to look different from the other. This is why you are dumbfounded when you look at a photo of yourself and see your face from another angle.

Now you see it’s all about your mind, you will always see yourself as more attractive in the mirror because you see that reflection every day. You start to like it, especially when it shows your best angles.

Do Mirrors Make You Look Shorter?

Nothing can be more confusing than checking your height, and you seem pretty tall, but you look at the mirror, and you like someone stole a big chunk from your legs. The thing is, your reflection changes due to the mirror in use looking at; if the mirror you are currently using is straight and flat, then there’s a high it’s accurate. However, if the mirror is pushed out or curved on one axis for various reasons, you could look shorter.

Do Mirrors Make You Look Thinner?

Just like mirrors can make you look shorter, taller, and fatter, they can make you look thin. Many people have complained about looking thinner in store mirrors, then when they go home, it’s a different story entirely. The mirror makes you look slimmer because it has a vertical extension or horizontal compression. Also, when a mirror is pushed backward, and you look at it, your reflection is skinnier than it actually is.

Most stores use skinny mirrors to convince their customers to buy clothes. When customers look good in the clothes, they are more likely to buy them at the store. So the chances are that if you are looking skinnier in a store mirror, it is probably an optical illusion.

The Skinny Mirror Company 2 produces mirrors that use optical illusions– their mirrors make use of curved glass that is designed to make you look like you lost 10 pounds.

Do Mirrors Make You Look Bigger?

Yes, mirrors can make you look chunkier or bigger than you actually are; if your mirror is curved, even if it’s just slightly curved, you will look bigger. A curved mirror will always alter the appearance of the person using it. Lighting in a room can also make you look bigger in the mirror. If the lighting of a room is low and calm, you are more likely to look normal. But if you use a mirror with a light above your head, you will look bigger. This is because the light will cast a shadow over you, which will cause you to look bigger and broader than you actually are.

A tilted mirror will also make you look bigger; when a mirror is tilted or pushed forward, the reflection it shows will be noticeably wider or bigger.

Your mind also holds a lot of power, so if you believe that you are bigger than you are, eventually, you will start to see yourself that way. Maybe you just started a new diet or working out more, and you feel like you are beginning to put on some weight. When you look in the mirror, your mind can trick you into seeing exactly what you want to see, a bigger person.

Do Mirrors Add Weight?

Actually, no, mirrors don’t add weight. However, certain factors come into play that can make it seem like the mirror added some weight. One of the significant factors is the position of the mirror and the age of the mirror. An old mirror will eventually bend and become curved, so if you look at your reflection in that mirror, you will look like you added some weight. Also, if a mirror isn’t placed upright or mounted properly, it will give you an inaccurate reflection of your body.

What Is A Good Magnification For A Makeup Mirror?

Magnification is essential in a makeup mirror, it makes the application process easier and more efficient. Magnification makes it easier to see if your foundation is well blended, your contour is applied perfectly, and your blush is sitting nicely on your skin. Makeup mirrors come with 1x to sometimes 15x magnification, so let’s discuss which magnification is best.

If you have average eyesight, a magnification of 5x is excellent. However, if you have poor vision, it is best to go a little higher than 5x magnification. You could also try different makeup mirrors with varying levels of magnification to pick which is best for you. It is best not to use a very high level of magnification because this will lead to distortion, causing you to see your features inaccurately.

What Is The Best Makeup Mirror On The Market?

Due to the number of makeup mirrors out there, it is impossible to pick just one, but there are a few makeup mirrors that every makeup lover and beauty enthusiast would highly recommend:

Fascinate Trifold LED Lighted Mirror

  • This makeup mirror possesses;
  • A 10x magnification Touch portable vanity mirror
  • Dimmable lighted vanity makeup mirror LED makeup mirror for desktop
  • 180-degree rotation tabletop mirror
  • Dual power supply travel mirror

Conair Reflections 3-Way Touch Control Lighted Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror has features like:

  • Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror: It has a subtle halo light that aids clear viewing, and this is paired with light control for low, medium, and high brightness.
  • Picture Perfect Makeup Mirror: Its double-sided makeup mirrors have 1x and 7x magnification that rotates 360 degrees.
  • Stylish Surroundings: This makeup mirror comes with a beautiful matte black finish.

Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror

This makeup mirror has the following features:

  • Portable Vanity Mirror
  • Bottom Tray and LED Design: It has 21 pieces of LED light that give you a natural glow for makeup application at any time of the day
  • 180° Free Rotation Tri-fold and detachable light mirror

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Fold

This beautiful and sleek mirror comes with these specifications:

  • Tru-lux light system
  • On/Off sensor
  • 10x magnification
  • Distortion-free mirror
  • Cordless and clutter-free

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Which Makeup Mirror Is Best? What You Should Know About Makeup Mirrors

Makeup mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all, or in this case who is the skinniest of them all. It is nothing new that makeup mirrors tend to give people a somewhat distorted view of their physical appearance. Some say they look skinnier, others say they look like they put on weight. This line of thought has caused many anxiety. It has also brought about words like ‘fat mirror’, and ‘skinny mirror’ as many people continue to question the genuineness of the mirror.

Do Mirrors Make A Room Look Bigger?

Yes, mirrors can actually make a room look bigger. When a mirror is placed at a strategic position which is usually near a window, it reflects the outside and throws light around the room. This creates an optical illusion by tricking your mind, into seeing the room as more spacious and bigger. With the correct placement, a mirror can cause you to see a room as double its original size.

Do Mirrors Make You Look Skinnier?

Mirrors can actually make you look skinnier, this happens due to a variety of reasons. When your image is horizontally or vertically extended. If your mirror is tilted or moved backwards your reflection will not only appear skinnier but also taller. Another reason we appear skinnier in the mirror is that our brain conjures up an illusion where we look skinnier than we actually are. The brain does this by bringing together our previous and recent experiences, then creating what it believes we would like to see.

If a mirror is slumped, which happens when it is old, its surface becomes either concave or convex. A concave surface causes you to look skinnier.

Dr Ken, a physics teacher from Mellendorf of Illinois gave more insight into this topic when he told Apartment therapy 1;

“A completely flat mirror will show an image behind it of exactly the same shape and size as the actual object. Slight curvature along only one axis can make a person look fat or skinny. To make you look thin, your image needs to be compressed horizontally or extended vertically. Most mirrors bend over time top to bottom. If seen from the side, there is a slight curvature in the edge. The top and bottom edges are usually straight. Your home mirror can do this due to its own weight. If the center bulges out a little bit, your height will appear slightly smaller but your width will not be changed. This can make a person look a little fat.”

Do Mirrors Make You Look Fat?

Just like a mirror can make you look skinnier, it can also make you look fat, it is all about arrangement. As stated earlier an old mirror can have a concave or convex surface, you are going to look wider or fat if your mirror has a convex surface. It is also about the illusion the mirror creates in your brain, mind and eye.

Jody Bowie, an Oklahoma physics teacher told Apartment therapy 2 ;

“Really it’s just a piece of glass with a reflection on the back so if the glass is bent in any way, shape or fashion,” Bowie says. “If you make it bend this way, the light would hit the mirror and go off in an angle so it would make you look larger. A bend in the opposite direction will make you look slimmer.”

So, to sum it all up yes mirrors do make you look fat.

Which Makeup Mirror Is Best?

Makeup application is a very delicate art that requires in-depth attention to minute detail. One way to make the application easier is to pair perfect lighting with a good mirror. A good makeup mirror should be one that contains enough LED lights that are mixed with high tech features to make the application process stress free. Here are a few examples:

Riki Skinny Lighted Vanity Mirror:

According to WWD3 and USATODAY, this is the Best Makeup Mirror with lights of 2021, it is also the influencers go to mirror. This makeup mirror comes weighs 2.03kg and comes with backlit expensive LEDs, a 10x magnifying mirror, phone holder, Bluetooth selfie, vanity mirror stand and many other outstanding qualities.

Fancii LED Makeup Mirror:

This makeup mirror is made from glass and ceramic, it weighs 419.57 grams. It has amazing specifications like; daylight LED light, powerful 10x magnification, advanced looking suction with 360 adjustable swivel.

Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror:

Made from aluminium, this mirror weighs 136.08 grams, has 7x magnification, 360-degree rotation, double-sided lighting and polished chrome.

What Is The Best Magnification For A Makeup Mirror?

The magnification required by a makeup mirror depends on personal preference but it’s still subject to a number of factors. These factors are—


If the mirror is to be placed on the wall, more magnification is needed because there is going to be a reasonable amount of distance between you and the mirror. However, if the mirror is to be placed on the table less magnification is required. This is due to the fact that the more the magnification the lesser your point of view, that is to say, you will see less plus your features will look a lot bigger.


If you do not have poor eyesight a 3x to 5x magnification is recommended but if you do, it is necessary that you first take off your contacts before using the mirror. A 10x to 15x magnification is okay for people with poor eyesight at this rate your features won’t appear larger than they are and you won’t need to strain your eyes.

For individuals with poor eyesight, when using the 10x to 15x magnification you would probably need to go closer to it to avoid having a distorted view. This is because these mirrors use a convex surface to achieve magnification, so you need to be close to have the best experience. However, there are higher-end mirrors that use optical quality glass which creates a distortion-free image of unparalleled sharpness and clarity. This is definitely the best choice if you can afford it.

What Is The Best Magnified Mirror?

Due to their massive amounts of positive reviews and purchases, these mirrors are highly recommended:

  • Fauday 15x Lighted Magnifying Mirror with lights.
  • Meidong 10x magnifying lighted makeup mirror.
  • Homehunch magnifying makeup mirror.
  • Rucci M800 10x and 1x magnification.
  • Fancii Mira 10X Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror.
  • Fancii tria tri fold vanity makeup mirror.
  • My flexible mirror 10x Magnification 8 Makeup Round Vanity Flexible Mirror.
  • Skonyonx Lighted Adjustable Brightness Detachable 10X Magnification Spot Makeup/Vanity Mirror with Speakers.

Which Is The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror?

The Riki Skinny Mirror

As previously stated this mirror is highly recommended and is no. 1 on the list of best-lighted makeup mirrors. One interesting about this makeup mirrors lighting is that it has customized HD Daylight LEDs. It also has five dimming stages.

The Simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror

This is another highly recommended mirror whose features are as jaw-dropping as its appearance:

A colour rendering of 95

Tru-lux light system— The makeup mirror contains surgical-grade LEDs which provide a full-colour spectrum and it has specially patterned micro-reflectors that share light evenly in the mirror.

On/Off Sensor— this detects when your face is in front of the mirror and automatically turns on the lights.

Reflections Created by BaByliss Exquisite Beauty Mirror

This beautiful double-sided mirror is great for makeup application. It has one normal and one 3x magnifying side. Its other features are:

  • Singled-sided 1x mirror.
  • Removable 10x magnifying mirror.
  • 3 surround light settings – low, medium, high.
  • 2 ambient light settings – static and pulse.
  • Long-life LED lighting.

No7 Illuminated Make-Up Mirror

Just as the name suggests this mirror is so illuminated that it removes all shadows and glares. It is a double-sided makeup mirror, with 20x magnification on one side. It also comes with a dimmer switch and rotates 360 degrees.

Which Is The Best Mirror For Applying Makeup?

Using the correct mirror when applying makeup is very important. When choosing a makeup mirror, personal preference plays a major role but there are factors to consider. So before you pick that mirror from the store, or add it to your cart, ask yourself–

Where Do You Want To Put The Makeup Mirror?

When getting a makeup mirror you have to consider where you want it to be. If you want a tabletop mirror then it is best to get a metal plated one as it is more sturdy. When you are someone who travels a lot then it is best to get a mirror that has a plastic frame, so it is easily foldable and convenient to travel with. But, If you want a more permanent option then you can opt for a mirror that is mounted on the wall.

Now that you have decided on the best kind of frame for your mirror, your mirror has to have two things LED lights and a concave or convex surface.

Why LED Lights?

Lighting is very essential for your makeup to be spot on at any time of the day be it day or night. LED lights are great addition to your makeup mirror, especially when they are built into the mirror, to give you a natural looking light that gives an accurate representation of your face. Plus these LED lights are usually dimmable and adjustable, so you can adjust them to fit your immediate surroundings.

Convex or Concave?

Concave mirrors are best for the application of makeup, you may wonder why? Well, it all boils down to magnification. Concave mirrors magnify objects, so it makes it easier to see the most minute details on your face automatically making makeup application easier. Concave mirrors allow you to focus on a particular section of your face, so you can clearly see if your foundation is properly blended or your false lashes are sticking out.

More Magnification or less magnification?

Every makeup mirror has a magnified side and a normal side. Too much magnification is not necessary for a mirror because it can cause it to be distorted. So when getting your makeup mirror a Magnification of 5x is totally fine but if you have poor eyesight it is best to go for a magnification of 10x to 15x. You can also try out different magnifications to pick the one that is best for your eyesight.

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His Secret Obsession Reviews – What You Will Gain From James Bauer Techniques

Who is James Bauer?

James Bauer is a well trained psychologist popular for helping men and women connect and develop intimate relationships. His Secret Obsession is not the first book of James Bauer, he had written What Men Secretly Want. He has spent more than 12 years helping people to succeed in their relationships. In His book (His Secret Obsession) he focused on helping women understand the male desires and psychology with techniques to win their man’s heart.

What you will learn from His Secret Obsession book

Through the different modules provided in the book, you will learn what to do and what to say, to get your man to be obsessed over you. These are the natural things you ought to do and say to develop and maintain a healthy relationship.

Here are the highlights of the techniques you will learn in His Secret Obsession

  • Technique #1: The “Relationship Material ” comprise of a checklist to make you a standard for a relationship such that you become valuable to your man, too valuable for him to want to lose.
  • Technique #2: The “Private Island” will uncover your man’s goal for you in the relationship. You will be able to know if your man’s goal is to marry/be-with-you or not.
  • Technique #3: The “Ex-Signal” is for women who want their ex back in relationship. The 4 phases of this particular technique will have your man running back to you.
  • Technique #4: The “Silent Action” will help you to active the hero instinct in your man. This will make you more attractive to him.
  • Technique #5: The “I Own You” technique will make your man to always open up to you.
  • Technique #6: The “Glimpse Phase” will unlock the protective nature in your man. As a result he will give you undivided attention.
  • Technique #7: The “Damsel in Distress” will cause your man to deeply yearn after you.

These techniques are detailed in the book will work for anyone who applies the techniques as taught. The book is for

  • women who are not in any relationship yet but want to be in a relationship with the man of her dreams
  • women who are currently in relationships that are not working
  • women who have broken relationships but want their ex back for good

What You Need to Know for Revitol Skin Tag Remover to Work for You

Revitol skin tag remover no doubt works it wonders but we have seen that users may have different degree of results. This article will review the product and how to use it to get the best result. The product works by attacking the root cause of the tag, and gradually removes tags without cutting or scaring.

Revitol skin tag remover

Revitol Skin Tag Removal – The Safe and Effective Means

Revitol is a homeopathic skin tag remover made with all-natural ingredient. The ingredients are also approved by FDA. Revitol seem to be popular because:
• It removes the tag and leaves no scar behind
• It is effective on all skin type
• There are no side effects while using Revitol
• While using Revitol, there are no itches as is common with most other remedies.

Revitol is a known brand of skin care, including other products like the Revitol stretch mark remover.

Home remedies for skin tag removal

A tag removal device
Home remedies are accessible for skin tag removal. Skin tags may not require treatment and will fall away on their own, but medical removal options are available in the market. Skin tag removal kits are accessible for purchase online and in many stores. You can use the device to cut off the supply of blood to rock bottom of the tag with a little band.
The profession refers to the current methodology as ligature. Without a flow of blood to the tags, the cells will die, and conjointly the tag will fade away, usually among 10 days.

Skin tag removal cream Kits
Usually, just one application of cream is very important. Instructions to some kits require cleansing the skin with associated alcohol wipe and filing down the tag before applying the cream, this helps to get the cream nutrients absorbed. The cream may cause a stinging sensation. Tags got to fall off among 2 to a few weeks. Revitol skin tag remover is one of the effective creams you can use.

Limiting off blood supply
When the flow of blood has been stopped for several days, the tag will fall away. it ought to tighten the string or floss daily. Before exploiting this method, clean the skin and your hands to prevent introduction of germs with the remedy.

Chilling kit.
This kit is accessible in drugstores and pharmacies. As always, follow directions. Several applications might even be necessary before a growth falls away, but this usually happens among 10 days. The spray should not get contact with encompassing skin. You may need to use mixture to the planet around the tag for defense.

Oil from Tea Tree
Tea tree oil is an important oil used to treat several skin conditions, similarly as skin tags. However, no research proof supports its use.
People typically apply several drops of the oil to skin tags, and then affix to the skin tag with a bandage. The skin tag is left for about 10 minutes, this is done thrice daily. It ought to take several days or weeks for the tag to fall off.
This remedy need to be used with caution, as tea tree oil may irritate sensitive skin. never use tea tree oil for tags set around the eyes.

Apple acetum
Some analysis have proven the effectiveness of apple acetum on skin tags removal.
People sometimes soak the parts of the skin affected with skin tags inside the vinegar and affix it to the tag with a bandage for 10 minutes two or thrice a day, until the tag falls away.
Watch for skin irritation and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur. Do not use this system around the eyes.

Anecdotal proof suggests that somebody can use liquid iodine to induce eliminate skin tags.
First, defend the encircling skin by applying mixture or edible fat. Soak a Q-tip in iodine and moisten the liquid across the tag. Continue this with the bandage until the iodine has dried. Repeat this treatment at least twice a day until the tag dries off.

A doctor may advocate cutting away the enlargement with a sharp blade or scissors. never do that with medium or huge skin tags, as this might cause hurt. Tags usually live anywhere from several millimeters to 2 inches wide .
Only take into consideration this system if the skin tag includes a very slim base. Scissors and blades got to be sterilized before and after use.
Seek advise and recommendation before using the cutting method, and never try to cut skin tags set around the eyes or reproductive organs.

Special Cases Where Home Remedy Should be Applied

Home remedies are not acceptable if the skin tag is found around the eyes; Skin tag removal is dangerous around the eyes; Home remedies are not acceptable for skin tags that are:

Home remedies are not acceptable for skin tags that are:
• located around the eyes
• located around the reproductive organ
• very huge or long
• causing pain, bleeding, or itching

Important Skin Tag Remedy Terms

Cauterization: This involves burning off the skin tag. Most tags will be removed in one or two treatments.
Cryotherapy: This uses freezing in a localized manner to deaden bad skin or nerve cells.
Ligation: The tag is tied off with surgical thread, to reduce blood flow.
Excision: AN professional will use a blade to cut off the tag.

When to be Checked by a Doctor for Skin Tag Removal

If skin tags that unit of measurement huge, painful, or set in sensitive areas, you may need to be checked by a doctor. If one or more of these symptoms are noticed with your skin tag, then seek a medical attention.
• bleeds
• itches
• changes kind or look
See a doctor if skin tags modification in look or cause different symptoms, like pain or hurt.

Learning More About Skin Tag

Skin tag, can be a little tumor that forms primarily in areas where the skin rubs together, like the neck, complex body part and groin. They may occur on the eyelids. Skin tags are usually associated with regional ileitis. Acrochorda in some cases are harmless and painless and usually do not grow over time.Though the tags may grow as much as half-inch long, they are sometimes the size of a grain of rice. The surface of a skin tag might even be sleek or irregular in look and is usually raised from the surface of the skin on a fleshy stalk referred to as a peduncle. Microscopically, skin tags consists of a fibrovascular core, usually filled with fat cells, coated by academic degree unremarkable stratum. However, tags may become irritated by shaving, clothing, jewellery or disease.

Skin tags are harmless growths, and as many as 1/2 all adults might even be affected. The tags cause no medical complications, although some professionals argue otherwise. Of the many at-home removal techniques marketed, while some don’t seem to work at all, some are less complicated than others and only a few will get you satisfactory results.
While skin tags may not require any treatment and will fall away on their own, in many cases it never disappeared; This may also cause some psychological harm as observed among few women. While Revitol Skin Tag Remover is one the most popular tag removers there are still other options you can consider and a few other things you need to learn about skin tags.

Skin tags may arise as a result of skin rubbing up against skin, since they are sometimes found in skin creases and folds. One 2012 study found no association between skin tags and low risk or high risk human papillomaviruses.
Elevated aldohexose endocrine is connected to enlarged incidence of skin tags through an unknown mechanism.
Like moles, removal of skin tags poses a threat of exacerbation of the tumorous. Though rare, it’s possible to develop a malignancy by removal. If removal is desired, it is usually achieved using a home treatment kit, specialist. Specialist would use surgical procedure, excision, laser, or surgical ligature to eliminate the the skin tags.

A Clinical Analysis of Skin Tags and Possible Links with Diabetis Mellitus, Age and Gender
Obesity and impaired glucose tolerance are risk factors for developing diabetes. Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) is characterised by plasma glucose with response that associate with oral aldohexose. People with impaired glucose tolerance manifest abnormalities in each endocrine action and early endocrine secretion, like those seen in patients with sort a pair of DM (Diabetes Mellitus). High fat diet could contribute to the event of each endocrine resistance and endocrine body fluid pathology in vulnerable people. Presently, there aren’t any clear parameters to spot the patients with IGT.

Skin tags (STs), soft fibromas, fibroepithelial polyps, or acrochordons area unit are all various terms to explain a typical benign skin condition, that consists of a small amount of skin protruding from the encircling skin. Histologically, STs could be a polypoid lesion with superimposed gently skin problem stratum, a loose, dropsical fibrovascular core exhibiting delicate chronic inflammation and a nerveless derma. They usually develop in areas of skin friction. STs are reportable to be related to several diseases as well as sort a pair of DM and blubber. STs are investigated as a connective tissue marker for sort a pair of DM and blubber by measurement aldohexose curve, body mass index (BMI) and endocrine level.

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream Reviews by Customers

Revitol stretch mark prevention cream has a good reviews among its customers. It has continued to maintain its position as among the most effective stretch mark creams and these reviews explain that.

stretch marks on thighs

The best way to tell how effective a product is to check out how well it has worked people with the same case. We have chosen not to publish reviews from the official website of the product, instead we have gathered reviews from other sources – from people who actually used the cream, this is to make sure that people get unbiased reviews. In this reviews, we have also included more information to explain the things that make the cream effective on stretch marks.

There are lots of questions about stretch marks occurrence, this review will also help you to answer some of those questions

For a long time, Revitol stretch mark prevention has been helping women to fade and remove stretch marks, among the numerous users of Revitol, these are reviews from a few.

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream Reviews – What Past Customers Share Their Experiences

In order to make these reviews from customers very helpful to you, we have provided explanation in each customer’s review, this is very important because they give insights to why it might have worked for some and may not have worked for other, or why some got faster results that others.

The reviews are outlined one after the other. First you will see the name provided by the customer of the cream, ones that have “Verified purchase” confirms that the reviewer actually bought the product, this is the followed by the review.

By D., Verified purchase
You really need to have patience with this product. I am African American with a deep-caramel complexion, having one of the hardest categories of skin complexions to treat. I have tried a million skin products and this is the only stretch mark product I have used that made a NOTICEABLE difference. It seems to be most effective before or very soon after stretch marks appear when they are still red in appearance. I didn’t use it until right after I noticed the stretch marks appearing. Made them narrower, smoother to the touch and kept them from becoming hyper-pigmented (if that’s a word). So they’re almost invisible after 2.5 months. Keep in mind the longer you have had the SM the longer it takes to “get rid” of them. Also it is a very good investment to get 2 – 4 bottles, 2 for newer stretch marks, 4 for older ones. Any more than that is unnecessary. Even if you only have a few SM the more generously and more frequently you apply the cream the better and faster the results. (I did two quarter sized amounts, twice a day). To further improve the texture/appearance of sunken/crater stretch marks use cellulite cream (I recommend Revitol or Dermology) and sunless-tanning lotion (Yes that’s right! For all complexions) I recommend idol tan. The combination of the stretch mark cream, cellulite cream and the sun-less tan, makes your tummy look as smooth as a baby’s butt! Haha Hope this helps somebody out there 🙂

Review explanation –
This review shows that the customer got result quick enough for her satisfaction, this was due to the improvement in the symptoms of striae (stretch marks). Dermatologists have advised that the best time to start treating stretch marks is just when you are expecting them; some people hardly start at this time but starting immediately you noticed the lines. Older stretch marks are generally difficult to improve and patience is highly required for stretch marks with age. You may never even notice any improvement with less effective cream. You should also try not to reduce the amount of Revitol that you apply, apply it generously as advised on the affected parts pf your body as directed on the product’s pack. There is not clinical prove that cellulite and sun-less tan creams further improve the texture and appearance of your skin affected stretch marks.

By Anonymous Customer, Verified purchase
So if I could give this product a ZERO STAR RATING, I would. I used this exact same lotion when I was pregnant with my first baby and it worked great. I did not get any stretch marks. BUT…I ordered it direct from the Revitol website. This is the key point. This time, with my second pregnancy, I ordered it through Amazon. The problem is the seller is scamming you!!!! THIS IS NOT THE REAL PRODUCT! I know this because the bottle is slightly different and the label is stuck onto the bottle on a big sticker. I also had a small amount left of my old Revitol lotion (direct from the Revitol website) and I know what it should smell like…almost like clay. It’s a weird smell but this lotion works, so who cares right?! Well this lotion that I got through Amazon doesn’t have that distinct smell and the consistency is different than it should be for the real stuff. This is not the real lotion!!! Scam!!! Don’t get this lotion here!!! Isn’t not what they say it is. I hope they are removed from Amazon. Get it DIRECT.

Review explanation –
There is a high possibility that this customer bought the fake product, and this is common in few other reviews. There have been warning concerning buying Revitol Stretch Mark Cream outside the official website. This review is from a verified purchase and she has actually used the product before that particular purchase. It’s advised that you buy directly Revitol officer website. People actually miss out on some other benefits when they buy elsewhere. By buying directly from Revitol you get discounts that are not available elsewhere. These discounts can help you save on treating stretch marks. You are eligible for discounts when you are order two or more bottles of Revitol Stretch Mark Cream. To get the best from this discounts, plan to buy just enough that will be needed to fade or prevent stretch marks.

By Bmvaldezon, Verified purchase
I had my son a year ago & my pregnancy left horrible stretch marks on my hips that I was embarrassed of them. They were the deep purple ones that looked like a tiger just clawed at my side. I regret not getting this sooner. I have been using Revitol for only a week & I see a difference already. The stretch marks are lighter & less deep in my skin. Also there appears to be less stretch marks! This stuff is a life saver. Using it with a derma roller helped boost the effect. I highly recommend buying this & I’m definitely buying again!!

Review explanation –
This review points to fact that has been proven to be true – You will get faster results by using Revitol Stretch Mark Cream with a dema roller. You can use the derma roller on the affected parts of your skin before bathing. Then apply Revitol immediately after bath. The action of derma roller helps expose your skin properly to the skin.

By Maj Manon, Verified purchase
I tend to have stretch marks as I am currently bulking and the dreaded marks have started to appear. I tried this product for at least a month and I have to say that it did not work at all. I gave it two stars for the simple fact that it was not oily, other than that, nothing.

Review explanation –
This customer actually bought the product. It’s a pity that it didn’t work for her. I wish she had provided more details in her review. Did she use the product as directed? What is the age of her existing stretch marks prior to the use of the product? Old stretch marks are generally difficult to fade for almost stretch marks product, a cream like Dermology Stretch Mark Cream that is formulated for the prevention of stretch marks especially during pregnancy may not even get any visible result on old marks, but Revitol does comparatively better.

By Anonymous Customer, Verified purchase
I am not sure if it was this product or just how my skin is, but I used this through my entire pregnancy on my stomach and did not get one stretch mark there. However, I wish I would have used it on my boobs and butt, because I did get stretch marks there when I was pregnant. I am going to buy this again when I have another child.

Review explanation –
Pregnancy is a period that stretch marks are highly expected. During pregnancy, don’t just use Revitol only on the parts of the body that already has stretch marks, but apply the cream on all the parts of the body that are likely to experience stretch marks. For pregnant women, don’t wait until you notice stretch marks before you begin to use the product, start using it at least by the beginning of the second trimester. I have read a couple of reviews where some wished they had applied the cream on all other parts of their body that later experienced stretch marks. These stretch marks were later faded but instead of spending your time to fade you can easily prevent them from occurring in the first place. Read more on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

By Erika Oliveron, Verified purchase
Been using this product for about a month and my stretch marks are starting to fade. My skin is also less wrinkly. I’m combining this product with dry brushing and derma-rolling. I’ve already bought 2 more tubes.

Review explanation –
As already explained in a previous reviews, you will get faster result from using a derma roller before applying the cream each time. She noticed the improvement of her wrinkles because Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is not only formulated to fade and prevent stretch marks but also improve the overall condition of the skin. The simple secret behind Revitol’s efficacy in preventing stretch marks is that it deals with the problems from the root cause. For the prevention of stretch marks, Revitol usually starts with locking moisture within the skin and actively helping the skin to produce large amount of collagen and elastin – the most important skin fibers. It is collagen that gives the skin its good shape. Deficiency in collagen within the skin is easily shown by the development of wrinkles. Collagen production drops with increasing age, that is why a younger lady will have a smother skin than an aging woman. The review shows that this customer started using Revitol Stretch Mark Cream, the cream started helping the skin to rebuild collagen in abundance.

By Anonymous customer, Verified purchase
I have two kids, one was born recently and the other six years ago. With my first pregnancy I got a lot of stretch marks so needless to say I was worried about the next time around so I purchased Revitol. I used it day and night everyday for my entire pregnancy. Not one new stretch mark! No new ones AND the old ones are hardly even noticeable, my husband was shocked! I recommend this product to everyone for every stretch mark new or old!
Review explanation –
The surest way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy is to start using an effective stretch mark cream such as Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream. This review is as positive as it sounds because first, precaution was taken to prevent striae gravidarum (stretch marks associated with pregnancy).

By Sshoebon, Verified purchase
I would not recommend this product to anyone. I originally purchased this item because Revitol is ranked as the number one stretch mark cream on the market and others have given excellent reviews on it. After I bought it though I realized I wasted my money. I applied it 1-3 sometimes 4 times daily and noticed no change in the appearance of my stretch marks. Perhaps Revitol will be more effective for prevention purposes or newly formed stretch marks as I’ve had mine for several years.

Review explanation –
I have seen such reviews as this among one or two other effective stretch mark creams. Old stretch marks will hardly fade completely and that it takes a longer time to for people to notice changes when treating them. For old stretch marks, you should be patient, give it some few months and you will see changes. Revitol or any other effective stretch marks product will not completely fade old stretch marks. The best you can get from is the improvement of the marks. Using a derma roller on the affected parts can speed up results and also make the cream work more effectively. Such reviews as this particular one is very important for people who have old stretch marks. If you have such stretch marks, using the cream consistently and with the additional use of a derma roller will get you result, at least your old stretch marks will be improved to the point that it will only be noticed only on close view.

By Trixstarron, Verified purchase
I received this product promptly and began use immediately. I noticed results within 24 hours of use and was amazed. My purple and red stretch marks faded to a peachy skin color and became significantly less noticeable. I have continued my use on a less than regular basis but haven’t noticed a decrease in the product effectiveness. I know that all skin types are different; therefore, everyone’s results will be different. My results have been remarkable.

Review explanation –
Some people can notice results as early as in few days like Trixstarron. The kind of results pointed out in most reviews of Revitol stretch mark cream usually range from improved moisturizing of the skin, smother and softer skin.

By Savannahon, Verified purchase
Use after derma roller to really see results!! This stuff works great for me. I’m on my second tube. I derma roll my legs once a week due to stretch marks. Then I apply Revitol twice a day on the area’s I derma rolled. My stretch marks and blemishes have lightened a lot! Again use a derma roller with this and you should definitely see results! It will sting after you derma roll and then apply Revitol but don’t worry, that’s normal.

Review explanation –
Refer to similar notes in other reviews concerning this.
Revitol stretch mark cream worked for many and didn’t work for few. Most importantly, you know why it didn’t work for the few. These reviews show that the cream is effective. How well it works for you will depend on how well you use it. You can order Revitol Stretch Mark Cream from the official website. Skin and beauty care products have to be used as directed to get the best result, it was reported that more that 80% of women who used Breast Actives as directed obtained a better result than those who didn’t.

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream Ingredients

The ingredients of revitol strength mark prevention cream explains why the cream is highly effective on striae gravidarum (stretch marks). The ingredients have, for ages been used for the treatment and care for the skin. The beautiful thing about the ingredients used in revitol stretch mark prevention cream is that they are not only used for healing an ailing skin but to also promote a healthier skin. This article list and describes the ingredients of revitol stretch mark prevention cream and at the end, gives a direct link to the official website of the product where you can order the genuine cream.

The effects of revitol stretch mark prevention cream ingredients on the skin help to heal the skin from tears, remove scars resulting from stretch marks and keep the skin healthy for prevention of stretch marks. This is how the cream does it but first, lets start with the complete list of the ingredients.

List of All Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream Ingredients

  1. Collagen
  2. Elastin
  3. Grape fruit seed extract
  4. Vitamin E
  5. Squalene oil

Collagen is the ingredient that is responsible for fortifying the skin with the strength it needs to keep stretch marks off. This ingredient is important for several other skin purposes.

Wrinkles are formed on the skin when there is not enough collagen fibers within the epidermis of the skin. The skin receives enough support when there is sufficient collagen fibers in the skin. This ingredient has proven to be effective especially on pregnancy stretch marks as well as stretch marks arising from body building. In these cases, as the body continues to add up weight and muscles there is much pressure on the skin to contain the addition. It is a common situation for the epidermis to begin to experience tears but this is prevented by tough collagen fibers. Most dermatologists consider collagen to be the most important ingredient in a stretch mark cream.

Collagen is the ingredient that is responsible for fortifying the skin with the strength it needs to keep stretch marks off. This is a vital skin fiber that most stretch mark prevention cream like Dermology Stretch Marks aims to improve. This ingredient is important for several other skin purposes. Wrinkles are formed on the skin when there is not enough collagen fibers within the epidermis of the skin. The skin receives enough support when there is sufficient collagen fibers in the skin. A good exercise regimen has also been proven to improve the appearance of wrinkle.

This ingredient has proven to be effective especially on pregnancy stretch marks as well as stretch marks arising from body building. In these cases, as the body continues to add up weight and muscles there is much pressure on the skin to contain the addition. It is a common situation for the epidermis to begin to experience tears but this is prevented by tough collagen fibers. Most dermatologists consider collagen to be the most important ingredient in a stretch mark cream.

Elastin performs almost similar function as collagen, it is an elastic property ingredient. When the skin keeps stretching and reaches a point it appears it’s going to break, elastin sustains it to ensure that there is no tear in the epidermis.

In revitol stretch mark prevention cream, elastin acts as the ingredient that helps the skin expand as weight increases, this is how it is easy for women to go through pregnancy without having stretch marks. The other quality of this ingredient is in its ability to restore the skin to its initial state after recovering from a major increase in weight. For example, some women experience post-pregnancy stretch marks – the stretch marks didn’t appear until after child birth. As the load is offloaded the skin may find it difficult to adjust to the initial state, it’s like pulling on a rubber band and after you released it, it is unable to return to its initial state. The same is applicable to most skin that does not have enough elastin fibers. Revitol stretch mark prevention cream is able to prevent post-pregnancy stretch marks by helping the skin grow enough elastin fibers.

Grape fruit seed extract (GSE) is a collagen and elastin producing ingredient. When revitol stretch mark prevention cream is applied on the skin, this ingredient initiates the production of collagen and elastin in the epidermis of the skin. People have stretch marks when their skin cannot produce enough collagen and elastin but with grape fruit seed extract in revitol as an ingredient these two important skin fibers can be produced in sufficient amount.

Vitamin E performs similar function as grape fruit seed extract – the production of collagen and elastin. One of the major purpose of using vitamin E as an ingredient in revitol stretch mark prevention cream is due to its anti-oxidant property. The ingredient prevents the loss of skin important materials such as the collagen and elastin fibers.

Vitamin D3 is naturally produced by the skin when the skin is exposed to sunlight, it is derived from vitamin D. How revitol stretch mark prevention cream is able to fade existing stretch marks is explained by the function of this ingredient. Vitamin D3 helps in cell regeneration. By rapidly increasing dermal cells production, the skin cells containing the marks are gradually replaced and eventually the marks are removed. The revitol cream is formulated for the prevention and fading of stretch marks.

Vitamin D3 is naturally produced by the skin when the skin is exposed to sunlight, it is derived from vitamin D. How revitol stretch mark prevention cream is able to fade existing stretch marks is explained by the function of this ingredient. Vitamin D3 helps in cell regeneration. By rapidly increasing dermal cells production, the skin cells containing the marks are gradually replaced and eventually the marks are removed. The revitol cream is formulated for the prevention and fading of stretch marks.

Squalene oil promotes healthy skin, it is the main ingredient in revitol stretch prevention cream that moisturizes and keeps the skin smooth and supple. Squalene oil is a natural moisturizer.
Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream can be ordered online, you can get discounts when you order directly from the revitol official website.

Where to Buy Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

It is important to mention in this review that the cream is not sold in stores. You may find it in stores like Amazon, GNC or Walmart but there is no guarantee that it will be the original product. This is because Revitol is only sold on its official website. Access the official site here. There have been several cases where people bought the product from other stores and they didn’t not get the usual result. It is a lot safer to purchase Revitol stretch mark prevention cream from the manufacturer through the official website.