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Just blending a few ingredient sourced directly from Madagascar (Africa) became a major breakthrough to loss excess weight and not add the weight again. The correct blending of these natural ingredients was seen to do what other weight loss programs were unable to do for years.

This is not the first time you are seeing a weight loss pill or program on the internet, right? Chances are you have tried one or two. The experience is often the same – you really didn’t drop weight as much as you desired.

The problems with the common methods are

  • You usually would drop 1 or 2 pounds.
  • Just like many people, it is difficult to stick up with the routine.
  • They don’t target the root cause of the weight gain.

If you have tried all sorts of meal plans and diets to loss weight without success then this solution is one you should study and consider.

What is Meticore?

When you have tried everything and nothing is working, it is because of slow metabolism.

When you have slow metabolism, you store the food you eat as fat; which means low energy and unexplainable weight gain, and hunger and cravings for junk food. With metabolism this low, you will never loss weight. On the other hand fast metabolism means that your body burns the food you have eaten, you have high energy and low cravings for food. The weight loss industry knows this truth but they are doing everything to keep this fact away from the public because this hidden fact is what brings them the big bucks.

Meticore fixes the root cause of slow metabolism by increasing core body temperature. You don’t to starve yourself or go through and unwanted exercise regimen.

>> Watch the official documentary of Meticore” class=”eafl-link”>>>> Watch the official documentary of Meticore


The Root Cause of Weight Gain

People who are overweight will always have higher core body temperature than normal. Core body temperature is different from the normal body temperature, it is the temperature of internal organs like the liver, heart, brain and blood. While the normal body temperature varies, core body temperature is always the same whether you went to the artic then visited tropical Africa.

To find more information on the relationship between core body temperature and obesity, see the publication from the US National Center for Biotechnology Information that proves that low core body temperature is tied with obesity

The lower one’s core temperature is the fatter he would become. A research by shows that at each drop of core body temperature, the body’s metabolism drops by 13%.

In 1850, a German physician named Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich was able to determine that normal core temperature is around 98.6F. Recently, Dr. Pursonnet gathered core readings for the past 170 years and shows that every decade, core temperature drops by 0.09F. Our core temperatures today are drastically lower than that of people who lived in 1950s . In our world today the average is below 36F.

How come skinny people eat whatever they want and get away with it?

It wasn’t lack of exercise that caused your weight gain.

It wasn’t the right diet plan that caused your weight gain.

skinny man eating

If you naturally have a high core body temperature, it didn’t matter what you ate, because your body doesn’t get to store the food as fat. As a result you will never experience sudden weight gain.

How Meticore Pills Achieve Remarkable Weight Loss

The Meticore pill is to be swallowed every morning. The pills contain all natural ingredients sourced from Madagascar in Africa. The ingredients work together to naturally increase your core body temperature, which in turn increases your body metabolism. To get the pills, Meticore available on its official website.

Meticore pills

By increasing the body’s metabolism, fats that were already stored will be used up and at the same time, the body prevents the storing of fats. Meticore pills not only help to achieve weight loss, it also improve the overall well being of the body.

Meticore Pills History

Todd Pittman

Todd Pittman was the pioneer of Meticore. He got the breakthrough from Dr. Tabera, a visiting African doctor in a US hospital. Todd was in the hospital because he almost lost his life from a heart issue due to his enormous weight at that time. Dr. Tabera had come all the way from Madagascar (a country in Africa) on his own medical practice trip, then he met Todd and shared Madagascar’s fitness secrets with Todd. This doctor also helped Todd to source all the ingredients he had mentioned to him directly from Madagascar.

Todd contacted Dr. Stone, a known doctor to blend the ingredients from his friend (the Malagasy doctor) in the exact proportions he was told. This was developed for him and it worked just perfectly.

Todd Pittman was the first person to try the formulation. He lost all his excess weight and has remained fit since then.

What Happened to Todd While Taking Meticore Pills

While Todd was taking the Meticore pills every morning, the major thing that happened was that his core body temperature increased by 125%.

He started to experience the following.

  • Improved sex drive
  • Sleep deeper and wake up refreshed, ready for the day’s work even before your alarm wakes you up.
  • Bloating and gassing stops
  • Smoother and supple joints

>> Watch Todd’s testimony and full details of Meticore” class=”eafl-link”>>>> Watch Todd’s testimony and full details of Meticore

More Proof Was Needed for Meticore Pills

Dr. Stone who developed Meticore said that because it worked for one person is not a proof that it works, so he recruited 1345 people(men and women), they had to be over 40 years old with unexplained weight gain, tired, hungry and have tried diets and exercise without success. In weeks all the participants experienced 80-170% increase in metabolism, lost cravings and had increased energy levels, visceral fats around organs disappeared, back pains and joints pains disappeared, brain fog lost, stress and anxiety disappeared, sex drive and libido returned, many reported seeing their abs for the first time in the lives.

97% of the participants lost above 37lbs of fat, a total of 48,248 for the that group. The other 3% lost over 25lbs.

Testimonies From Past Users of Meticore

Aliyah, lost 44 lbs

My first son because I just thought it would come off afterwards. You know, I was young but it Remains the Same I was getting comfortable in my relationship and my life, you know, so my weight kept going up and up. I looked bloated in the face and I had my body and my biggest I was 258 pounds the hardest part. I was covered with this thick stubborn fat, you know the fact that just doesn’t go away no matter what he do. That was it’s just a I felt awful basically so Came across Todd’s metabolism face. I was blown away. It just opened my eyes to what was happening and why everything I tried before didn’t work. 
I’ve now lost all that nasty stuff and fat. I feel like a Yummy Mummy you can really do it and be as happy as me which I can tell you is the greatest feeling ever.

Sam, lost 37lbs

My way problem started when I unfortunately lost my job. And I mean I did a lot of nothing all day and of course piled on the pounds. I was never one for going to the gym due to my size and I was so self-conscious. I wasn’t good at dieting either. You know, why should I spend my life depriving myself of nice food? I can’t tell you how great Todd solution is everything makes sense. Now, it allows me to live my life how I want, no exceptions. I can be the Healthy man I should be well still enjoying food and life.

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