The Most Common Misconceptions about Interior Designers

While hiring an interior designer can be an invaluable experience for many, there are still some misconceptions about the profession and what kind of services they can provide you. In many cases, these misconceptions are so widely accepted that it sways many homeowners from deciding to hire interior designer services altogether. To clear up the confusion, here are the most common misconceptions homeowners have about interior designers, and why they are incorrect.

A contractor can act as your designer.

When doing renovation work, like knocking down walls, building new ones, or adding an addition to the space, many assume that they can cut costs and have the contractor also act as the interior designer in the space. In this case, you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

While a general contractor may be skilled in gut renovations, they are not exactly the best interior designer for the job. They likely are not trained or certified in areas of design that interior designers and decorators are, and won’t be able to bring your space to life in the same way a designer can.

Interior Designers


Your project is too small for an interior designer.

While many are under the impression that only those with million dollar mansions have the need to hire interior designer services, look around and you’ll see this is simply not the case. Take for example cities like New York or Los Angeles, that typically have minuscule square footage compared to a home in the suburbs.

Oftentimes these people still request the help of an interior designer or interior decorator, because no matter the size of the space, there are certainly upgrades that can be made, not only to improve the appearance, but to make it appear bigger, provide more distinction between spaces, or find a solution to any other qualms you have with the space. Our Décor Aid interior designers stand by the idea that any space can be elevated, no matter the size or scope of the project.

It will add unnecessary costs.

Many seem to think that interior design services are only for the rich and famous, but people of all incomes enjoy the services of interior designers. While luxury firms certainly do exist, there are interior designer and interior decorator services at every level that are able to suit a wide variety of budgets.

While you may think the best interior designer is only available at an unreasonably high fee, there are without a doubt thousands of designers that can meet your budget and provide you with the perfect design.

Despite thinking you can just do it yourself and save the cost it requires to hire interior designer services, this may end up saving you in the long run. An interior designer can direct you to make the smartest decisions for your budget due to their knowledge of the industry, and even save you costs on furniture by using their exclusive trade-only discounts. An interior designer consultant provides a valuable service that can’t be performed by any average person.

You will have to follow their vision.

Some are dissuaded from hiring an interior designer consultant because they assume the designer will come in with their own vision and force the client to go along with it. Instead of feeling like their own home that represents their individual taste and style, they fear it will be the spitting image of another style and choices.

The truth is, when you hire interior designer services, it is the sole job of the interior designer to fulfill your needs and your vision by using their expertise. They are not stubborn in their views, in fact, they should be flexible to your needs and adapt based on what you think of the design.

The best interior designer for you will also listen carefully to the unique needs you require within the space, so if you are looking for a designated office space or a more spacious kitchen, the interior decorator will take the functionality into consideration instead of focusing solely on aesthetics.


They really don’t do that much.

And finally, one of the most common criticisms heard about interior designers is that they don’t do much beyond painting, rearranging furniture, and buying some pieces of art. This is simply not true. An interior designer has a degree that comes with the knowledge required for planning, management, budgeting, and many other components on top of being able to understand different styles and solutions.

When you hire interior designer services, you are getting more than a few new pieces of furniture, you’re getting a complete re-imagining of your space in a way not possible without an educated background in the industry from an interior designer consultant. The best interior designer will know how to create cohesion, unity, and expression among a variety of components so that you can feel inspired, productive, and happy in your space.


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