Benefits of Chaga Tea for Your Healthy Life

Benefits of Chaga Tea

Decades ago, people have used chaga mushrooms in traditional medicines because it helped them to achieve most favorable health. Nowadays have you ever heard of chaga? It’s one of popular medical plans. If you look at chaga apparently look like burnt charcoal. It grows on birch trees everywhere from the northern parts of China, Russia, Poland and Finland, as well as Canada and in the upper northeast United States.

Chaga is apparently like something you wouldn’t want anywhere nears you but it is being sold as a popular item. Chaga health benefits are known to every medical specialist.

If we talk about special teas, chaga tea is one of the odd varieties around.  Before getting fame, chaga tea was already being used in Russia, Finland, Poland and other Baltic countries. In some countries chaga is known as a treatment for cancer in the traditional medicines.

As you know usually teas are very light but chaga is a strong tea and it helps in gastric and heart problems, solves cancer and liver issues.

Healthy Benefits of Chaga Tea

If we talk about benefits of Chaga tea, there are lots of healthy benefits for this unique tea few of them are below,

  1. Anti-inflammatory and anti-viral
  2. Huge immune booster and modulator (but it will also lower an overactive immune system as well)
  3. Anti-cancer
  4. Improves skin repair and DNA protection
  5. Help into balancing the blood sugar.

How to Make Chaga Tea?

It’s really simple way to make chaga teas, learn at following steps;


  • Chaga Chunks
  • Honey


  • Individual Serving Size Chaga Tea Bags but if you don’t have chaga tea bags, then bring the chaga and break it up into smaller chunks, roughly 1 inch in size.
  • ​In a 1 liter pot of water, drop in a handful of chunks and heat water between 140 F and 160 F under boiling. If you have tea bags then 1 cup of hot water to mug with similar heat level to the water
  • Let the chaga chunks stew until the water turns a reddish brown color, or at least an hour to extract more of the bioactive ingredients.
  • Strain the tea into a mug and add honey to taste.​ Also some people use Cinnamon and maple syrup complement which taste delicious.

Chaga is super food mushroom that has a unique taste. Chaga can be drink with other teas. Many people prepare the coffee using chaga tea, creating an extra energizing drink for healthy life.


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