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Breast Actives Reviews – See If it’s Right for You | Healthy Beauty Project

Breast Actives pills features


If you have ever considered going for breasts enlargement then you probably thought about all the risks you have heard about, Breasts Actives is one of the few products that is effective and takes care of these risks as well. Because of the news of these risks flying around, people are asking whether there is a natural method for breasts enlargement. If you want a safe natural product that works, you can consider using Breasts Actives, it has been testified of by women it has helped to achieve breast enlargement and enhancement.
Before you go for breasts enlargement, whether by surgery or by exploring an option in the natural method, you may need to hold on for a second and consider a few things. Review the following questions if you haven’t.

  • Why do I really want to enlarge my breasts?
  • What are the available options?
  • Are there risks involved?
  • is it worth it the money?

Do You Really Need Bigger Breasts

Since the issue of sexiness have largely become part of our lives, many women are constantly checking on themselves to find out if they measure up. Of course, you cannot exclude the appearance of the breasts in evaluating one’s sexiness. It is very easy to notice that the breasts are the next part (after the face) of a woman’s body that a man would look if he is admiring her. The issue here is that most women are aware that men, as well as women are always looking and admiring their appearance and they just want to do more to measure up with their lookers and admirers’ expectation. Take a minute to observe your breasts before a mirror. Would you claim you really have a small breasts? If you had difficulty answering that question then your breasts size is probably OK. I will encourage you to leave your natural breasts as they are.
Some women really have small breasts. These are the ones that are encouraged to go for breasts enlargement. It will not only polish their appearance, but also help them have better self-esteem and consequently boost their confidence.

Breast Enlargement Procedure Options

What option to choose is among the most frequently asked questions about breast enlargement. The most common option is surgery. Aside the use of implants through surgery, the natural breasts enlargement is gaining more popularity. The method aims at helping the body system to naturally induce breasts growth. It may involve the use of herbs, natural plants or natural breasts enlargement pills . Whatever the material may be, it is always 100% natural. Unlike the natural method, surgeries have to do with planting materials inside each of the breasts to fill them to become bigger. The material used varies and will depend on the advice of the surgeon and choice of the lady.

Type Of Breasts Enlargement Implants

The implants here are classified by the type of material used. Silicone gel and sterile saline salt are the two major materials used by plastic surgeons for breasts enlargement. Some types are similar to others with difference that one may use a material that is considered to be better by surgeons.

Types of Implants by Material Used

  • Saline Breasts Implants uses saline salt to enlarge the breasts. The saline salt is sterile. In this type, the breasts will be made to have uniform shape, feel and firmness. The pocket holding the salt mat leak in some cases but experts claim that the body system effectively processes it into unharmful substance. Saline breast implant is not available to women under 18 years of age.
  • Structure Saline Breasts Implants is the same as Saline Breast Implant with the only difference being that this method is internally structured within the breasts to produce a more natural feel of the breasts.
  • Silicone Breasts Implant fills the breasts with silicone gel. This method of breasts enlargement makes the breasts feel more like they have breasts tissues. The method is available to women that are 22 years and above.
  • Gummy Bear Breasts Implant appears to be more reliable than the silicone gel. This method maintains the shape of the breasts even when the implanted shell is broken.
  • Round Breasts Implant is the same as Gummy Bear with advantage that it makes the breasts fuller.
  • Smooth Breasts Implants. Women who choose this type of implant do so because it has the softest feeling.
  • Textured Breasts Implants induces the development of scar within the breasts after the surgery to hold the implanted material steady. This is done to make the implant less movable.

Possible Risk Of Breasts Enlargement By Surgery

  • Risk of losing sensation in the breasts and nipples
  • Scarring on the breasts
  • Susceptibility to infection
  • Leakage or rupture of the implant
  • Possible development of tight scar tissue around the implanted material
  • Tendencies of surgery revision
  • Pains (may be persistent)
  • Formation of wrinkles on the breasts
  • Seroma (fluid accumulation)

Cost Of Breast Enlargement By Surgery

The cost of breasts implant can vary by type and geographical location. In 2016, according the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of breast enlargement is about $3,719

The Method You Might Want To Consider – Natural Breasts Enlargement

With all the risks involved with implants, it appears that it’s not worth it. Even when you feel like you don’t need an implant anymore, i.e after the surgery, it will probably cost you at least $2,500 to remove the implants. These costs, coupled with the numerous risks involved makes the method highly discouraging.
With the natural method of breasts enlargement you can be sure that you are not exposing yourself to any form of risk. Natural methods for skin care works and it’s not just limited to breasts enhancement, it’s also popular for other remedies like stretch marks remover. This method makes use of plant materials or ones processed from plants, which are still completely natural to stimulate the growth of the breasts. It is not the material that grows the breasts. What such natural materials do is that they supply the body with the needed materials and trigger the activities of the necessary hormones. All of these are targeted to the growth and development of the breasts.
The best method for natural breasts enlargement is the use of plant materials that are rich in phytoestrogen. This is a kind of estrogen “mimic.” A woman’s body system will respond to the presence of phytoestrogen the same way it would to estrogen.
The issue with having a natural substance in the body to make the body system think that estrogen is actually active is that, the hormone, estrogen is responsible for the development and growth of female sex characteristics. So, this hormone is what helps the breasts to gradually grow into bigger size.
Aside the disadvantage of not getting your desired result instantly like you would with implants, you need to know how to source the needed plants and how to use them. The natural method of breasts enhancement will probably cost you nothing. It is even more accessible to get a natural enlargement since some pharmaceutical companies have taken time to do research and development of the needed natural materials. Plants like funegreek, mother’s wort and wild Mexican yam are among the most effective. These plants have been successfully formulated and processed into product, completely retaining their natural properties. On Average, these product cost $60.

A Natural Breasts Enlargement Pill That Works

When it comes to health and beauty issues, the more natural the therapy in use is, the better and safer. Breasts Actives is formulated with all-natural ingredient to ensure the safest use possible for breast enhancement. The two most important objectives used in developing the product are that of effectiveness and safety. The manufacturer believes that users of the product ought to get brilliant results and a safe therapy at the same time.
Some of the common issues associated with the use of health and beauty products that the manufacturer of Breast Actives considers highly in choosing the types and specific ingredients are interactions and side effects of different types of ingredients. And then, the individual ingredients in review. There are different types of ingredients that beauty and healthcare manufacturers often consider in formulating their products. They are considered in the manner of: artificial ingredients, artificial plus natural ingredients, and natural ingredients. For Breast Actives, it is natural ingredients throughout.

The special ingredients used in the product are

Pueraria Mirifica
This natural ingredient is known to contain high levels of phytoestrogen which have the same effects as estrogen. The most important breasts enlargement hormone is estrogen, it works by increasing fats within the breasts and lightening the milk ducts, giving the breasts more support and size.

Vitamin e
This is a useful skin nutrient that provide elasticity for skin, helping the skin to retain it’s youthfulness . It is a also an anti-oxidant thereby helping the skin to stay moisturized.
This is a useful skin nutrient that provide elasticity for skin, helping the skin to retain it’s youthfulness . It is a also an anti-oxidant thereby helping the skin to stay moisturized.

These ingredients are carefully chosen from an extensive and long-term researches of these natural plants. Breast Actives is for general breast enhancements – what is does is help women get bigger, firm and youthful breast within a short period of time. You can purchase Breast Actives from the official website.

Why Hot Yoga is Awesome for Your Skin | Healthy Beauty Project

lady practicing hot yoga

Hot yoga is one of the latest trends to keep in shape, but did you also know that it can help improve the health of your skin? After every hot yoga classes students leave feeling re-energized from the inside and out, and part of the reason of that is thanks to the fresh and rejuvenated feel of the skin.

You may be wondering “how would sweating actually make ones skin feel sparkling and new?” since sweating a lot usually leaves our skin feel oily and need of a cleanse. The fact is, despite the icky feeling of sweat, it actually is great for the skin under the right circumstances.

Sweat essentially works to cleanse the body through the larges detoxifying organ in our body, the skin.

The skin actually eliminates around 30% of the nasty stuff that is in our body that isn’t supposed to be there; the effects of hot yoga help to speed up that process.

When you sweat, the body releases toxins into your circulation. The blood vessels of the skin dilate, so that the blood flows more to the surface of the skin in an effort to cool your body. Due to the fact the circulation comes closer to the skin’s surface it allow impurities, dirt and toxins to release through the surface of the skin through the pores. With the sweat comes out water, urea, ammonia, sugar, salt, toxins, toxic acid heavy metals and more. From the heat, the pores open to easily release all of these impurities that would not have exited the body as easily without the effects of the hot yoga.

So where is all the nasty stuff in your body coming from? Toxins come from all sorts of things- some are harder to avoid than others. Toxins can be caused by stress, pollution, poor diet, drugs, alcohol and cigarette smoke. Basically, it is hard to avoid the build-up of toxins, so we have to use exercise and a healthy diet to remove these impurities from the body. These impurities are bad for our long-term health leading to diseases like cancer, and they also have an aging effect on the skin!

The result is after every hot yoga the skin feels literally refreshed and soft due to it just being cleansed of all sorts of gross impurities that aren’t supposed to be in there anyways. Just try a hot yoga class to see the impact it has on your skin.

To enhance the effect of hot yoga on your skin, there are a few steps that you can follow that’ll make sure you are getting the best bang for you buck. Check it out:

  1. Remove all of the makeup and dirt from you skin before class. When the pores open, it allows things to pass into the skin as well as out, so you don’t want to clog your pores during hot yoga with dirt that was on the skin beforehand.
  2. Drink a lot of water. This will help the skin from shriveling up and getting dehydrated during the yoga class.
  3. Take a shower a.s.a.p after class. All of the stuff you sweated out will seep back into the skin if it isn’t quickly removed.

So what are you waiting for? Go try out a hot yoga in the name of your skin’s health!

How to Use Garcinia Cambogia Pills For Best Results | Healthy Beauty Project

cambogia garcinia pills

As Garcinia Cambogia pills is becoming more popular, so it is also becoming difficult in finding the right place to get the product. Buying the product at the right place will help you get the benefits that comes with it. The official website of Garcinia Cambogia Select is the right place to buy the product. There are lots of benefits that comes with getting it directly from the manufacturers. If you want to get the right product and program for your weight loss, Garcinia Cambogia Select is definitely the right product for you, but it’s not just a product – it is a complete weight loss program.

Just to help you learn more about Garcinia Cambogia pills; there are a few other versions of the product from other manufacturers and they are not the same, you may have noticed this. People who need to get into shape often find it difficult to get the genuine Garcinia Cambogia product. The product is available in different ecommerce websites but with varying prices above what is set by the manufacturer has set; most other benefit of that come from the manufacturer does not also come with buying from any other place other than the official website of Garcinia Cambogia Select. This article will help point you to the official website of the product, but there is more to that, buying directly from the official website will make you eligible to receive the added benefits including original prices.


The official price of the product is $48 but it is common to find it selling above this price in most ecommerce websites. The place you are guaranteed to find it at this price is on Garcinia Cambogia Select official website. Although the official price is $48 you can still get it on the same website for a reduced cost. Here is the trick: of course, one bottle of Garcinia Cambogia Select will not be enough to help you get to the perfect shape you desire, you will surely need up to two bottles of the product. Most customers usually order one bottle and then return to order another one when they have exhausted the first. You can be smart about the this as there are discounts (available only on the official website) when you order more than one bottle of the product. Here are the different discounts for different number of bottles.

  • 1 bottle – $48 (you save $0)
  • 3 bottles – $96 (you save $48)
  • 5 bottles – $144 (you save $96)

All of the different packages also include all the benefits that comes with buying the product directly from the official website of the product.


An ideal weight loss program combines both weight loss ingredient (Garcinia Cambogia pills) and exercise regimen. When you order the product, you will automatically qualify to get access to the online exercise program and diet plan. To help you get into your desired shape, official website of Garcinia Cambogia Pills has fitness tracking system to ensure that the objectives of using the product and program are achieved. When completing your order on the official website of the product, ensure that you use your correct and valid email address.


The genuine Garcinia Cambogia pills has the pure natural ingredient, this is one of the major benefits of using the genuine product. The same natural ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia that has been the secret of a healthy weight for natives of Cambodia for years is the same that is used in the formulation of the product. The recommended dosage of 800mg is the double of most other extracts.  Garcinia Cambogia pills contains 50% of Hydroxycitiric Acid (HCA) which is the major natural ingredient of weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia pills is manufactured in a certified facility in the United States, and the product is approved by the FDA.


People who are serious about getting into a perfect shape will find this particular benefit very useful. When you order Garcinia Cambogia pills from the official website, you will get two ebooks that are worth up to $60. These ebooks will be given to you as bonuses with no extra or hidden charges. The ebooks will help you understand how to lose weight fast, secrets of water consumption, how to increase your metabolism, secrets to eating healthy, learning to eat right & burn fat, and best low-calorie recipes.

The most common mistake that a lot of people make when trying to loss weigh is that they usually depend on pills hoping that the pills will do the magic. This will not help you hit your target – an effective weight loss program will provide you with the right pills, plus exercise program and secrets to healthy eating.

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream Reviews


Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

Revitol stretch mark prevention cream has a good rating among stretch mark creams by customers. It has continued to maintain its position as among the two most effective stretch mark creams and these reviews explain that. That said, it’s still might not be enough for you to expend your money for it. No doubt, Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is a good product but you need to step away from the former credits accorded to the product and listen to the things that have been said by people who have used it. Truly, the best way to tell how effective a product is to check out how well it has worked for people with the same case. We have chosen not to publish reviews from the official website of the product, instead we have gathered reviews from third party ecommerce websites that have marketed and sold the product, we did it this way to make sure that people get unbiased reviews.

In order to make these reviews from customers very helpful to you, we have provided explanation in each customer’s review, this is very important because they let you know some other details concerning why it might have worked for some and didn’t work for a few; why some got results quicker that others; and while one might notice something different on the product’s pack.

The reviews are outlined one after the other. First you will see the name provided by the customer of the cream, ones that have “Verified purchase” confirms that the reviewer actually bought the product, this is the followed by the review.

Customer’s Reviews of Revitol Stretch Mark Cram
By D.
Verified purchase
You really need to have patience with this product. I am African American with a deep-caramel complexion, having one of the hardest categories of skin complexions to treat. I have tried a million skin products and this is the only stretch mark product I have used that made a NOTICEABLE difference. It seems to be most effective before or very soon after stretch marks appear when they are still red in appearance. I didn’t use it until right after I noticed the stretch marks appearing. Made them narrower, smoother to the touch and kept them from becoming hyper-pigmented (if that’s a word). So they’re almost invisible after 2.5 months. Keep in mind the longer you have had the SM the longer it takes to “get rid” of them. Also it is a very good investment to get 2 – 4 bottles, 2 for newer stretch marks, 4 for older ones. Any more than that is unnecessary. Even if you only have a few SM the more generously and more frequently you apply the cream the better and faster the results. (I did two quarter sized amounts, twice a day). To further improve the texture/appearance of sunken/crater stretch marks use cellulite cream (I recommend Revitol or Dermology) and sunless-tanning lotion (Yes that’s right! For all complexions) I recommend idol tan. The combination of the stretch mark cream, cellulite cream and the sun-less tan, makes your tummy look as smooth as a baby’s butt! Haha Hope this helps somebody out there

Review explaination –
This review shows that the customer got result quick enough to her satisfaction because of her immediate response to the symptoms of striae (stretch marks). Dermatologists have advised that the best time to start treating stretch marks is just when you are expecting them; some people hardly start at this time but starting immediately you noticed the lines. Older stretch marks are generally difficult to improve and patience is highly required for stretch marks with age. You may never even notice any improvement with less effective cream. You should also try not to reduce the amount of Revitol that you apply, apply it generously as advised on the affected parts pf your body as directed on the product’s pack. There is not clinical prove that cellulite and sun-less tan creams further improve the texture and appearance of your skin affected stretch marks.

By Anonymous Customer
Verified purchase
So if I could give this product a ZERO STAR RATING, I would. I used this exact same lotion when I was pregnant with my first baby and it worked great. I did not get any stretch marks. BUT…I ordered it direct from the Revitol website. This is the key point.

This time, with my second pregnancy, I ordered it through Amazon. The problem is the seller is scamming you!!!! THIS IS NOT THE REAL PRODUCT! I know this because the bottle is slightly different and the label is stuck onto the bottle on a big sticker. I also had a small amount left of my old Revitol lotion (direct from the Revitol website) and I know what it should smell like…almost like clay. It’s a weird smell but this lotion works, so who cares right?! Well this lotion that I got through Amazon doesn’t have that distinct smell and the consistency is different than it should be for the real stuff. This is not the real lotion!!! Scam!!! Don’t get this lotion here!!! Isn’t not what they say it is. I hope they are removed from Amazon. Get it DIRECT.

Review explanation –
There is a high possibility that this customer bought the fake product, and this is common in few other reviews. There have been warning concerning buying Revitol Stretch Mark Cream outside the official website. This review is from a verified purchase and she has actually used the product before that particular purchase. It’s advised that you buy directly Revitol officer website. People actually miss out on some other benefits when they buy elsewhere. By buying directly from Revitol you get discounts that are not available elsewhere. These discounts can help you save on treating stretch marks. You are eligible for discounts when you are order two or more bottles of Revitol Stretch Mark Cream. To get the best from this discounts, plan to buy just enough that will be needed to fade or prevent stretch marks.

By Bmvaldezon
Verified purchase
I had my son a year ago & my pregnancy left horrible stretch marks on my hips that I was embarrassed of them. They were the deep purple ones that looked like a tiger just clawed at my side. I regret not getting this sooner. I have been using Revitol for only a week & I see a difference already. The stretch marks are lighter & less deep in my skin. Also there appears to be less stretch marks! This stuff is a life saver. Using it with a derma roller helped boost the effect. I highly recommend buying this & I’m definitely buying again!!

Review explanation –
This review points to fact that has been proven to be true – You will get faster results by using Revitol Stretch Mark Cream with a dema roller. You can use the derma roller on the affected parts of your skin before bathing. Then apply Revitol immediately after bath. The action of derma roller helps expose your skin properly to the skin.

By Maj Manon
Verified purchase
I tend to have stretch marks as I am currently bulking and the dreaded marks have started to appear. I tried this product for at least a month and I have to say that it did not work at all. I gave it two stars for the simple fact that it was not oily, other than that, nothing.

Review explanation –
This customer actually bought the product. It’s a pity that it didn’t work for her. I wish she had provided more details in her review. Did she use the product as directed? What is the age of her existing stretch marks prior to the use of the product? Old stretch marks are generally difficult to fade for almost stretch marks product, a cream like Dermology Stretch Mark Cream that is formulated for the prevention of stretch marks especially during pregnancy may not even get any visible result on old marks, but Revitol does comparatively better.

By Anonymous Customer
Verified purchase
I am not sure if it was this product or just how my skin is, but I used this through my entire pregnancy on my stomach and did not get one stretch mark there. However, I wish I would have used it on my boobs and butt, because I did get stretch marks there when I was pregnant. I am going to buy this again when I have another child.

Review explanation –
Pregnancy is a period that stretch marks are highly expected. During pregnancy, don’t just use Revitol only on the parts of the body that already has stretch marks, but apply the cream on all the parts of the body that are likely to experience stretch marks. For pregnant women, don’t wait until you notice stretch marks before you begin to use the product, start using it at least by the beginning of the second trimester. I have read a couple of reviews where some wished they had applied the cream on all other parts of their body that later experienced stretch marks. These stretch marks were later faded but instead of spending your time to fade you can easily prevent them from occurring in the first place. Read more on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

By Erika Oliveron
Verified purchase
Been using this product for about a month and my stretch marks are starting to fade. My skin is also less wrinkly. I’m combining this product with dry brushing and derma-rolling. I’ve already bought 2 more tubes.

Review explanation –
As already explained in a previous reviews, you will get faster result from using a derma roller before applying the cream each time. She noticed the improvement of her wrinkles because Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is not only formulated to fade and prevent stretch marks but also improve the overall condition of the skin. The simple secret behind Revitol’s efficacy in preventing stretch marks is that it deals with the problems from the root cause. For the prevention of stretch marks, Revitol usually starts with locking moisture within the skin and actively helping the skin to produce large amount of collagen and elastin – the most important skin fibers. It is collagen that gives the skin its good shape. Deficiency in collagen within the skin is easily shown by the development of wrinkles. Collagen production drops with increasing age, that is why a younger lady will have a smother skin than an aging woman. The review shows that this customer started using Revitol Stretch Mark Cream, the cream started helping the skin to rebuild collagen in abundance.

By Anonymous customer
Verified purchase
I have two kids, one was born recently and the other six years ago. With my first pregnancy I got a lot of stretch marks so needless to say I was worried about the next time around so I purchased Revitol. I used it day and night everyday for my entire pregnancy. Not one new stretch mark! No new ones AND the old ones are hardly even noticeable, my husband was shocked! I recommend this product to everyone for every stretch mark new or old!

Review explanation –
The surest way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy is to start using an effective stretch mark cream such as Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream. This review is as positive as it sounds because first, precaution was taken to prevent striae gravidarum (stretch marks associated with pregnancy).

By Sshoebon
Verified purchase
I would not recommend this product to anyone. I originally purchased this item because Revitol is ranked as the number one stretch mark cream on the market and others have given excellent reviews on it. After I bought it though I realized I wasted my money. I applied it 1-3 sometimes 4 times daily and noticed no change in the appearance of my stretch marks. Perhaps Revitol will be more effective for prevention purposes or newly formed stretch marks as I’ve had mine for several years.

Review explanation –
I have seen such reviews as this among one or two other effective stretch mark creams. Old stretch marks will hardly fade completely and that it takes a longer time to for people to notice changes when treating them. For old stretch marks, you should be patient, give it some few months and you will see changes. Revitol or any other effective stretch marks product will not completely fade old stretch marks. The best you can get from is the improvement of the marks. Using a derma roller on the affected parts can speed up results and also make the cream work more effectively. Such reviews as this particular one is very important for people who have old stretch marks. If you have such stretch marks, using the cream consistently and with the additional use of a derma roller will get you result, at least your old stretch marks will be improved to the point that it will only be noticed only on close view.

By Trixstarron
Verified purchase
I received this product promptly and began use immediately. I noticed results within 24 hours of use and was amazed. My purple and red stretch marks faded to a peachy skin color and became significantly less noticeable. I have continued my use on a less than regular basis but haven’t noticed a decrease in the product effectiveness. I know that all skin types are different; therefore, everyone’s results will be different. My results have been remarkable.

Review explanation –
Some people can notice results as early as in few days like Trixstarron. The kind of results pointed out in most reviews of Revitol stretch mark cream usually range from improved moisturizing of the skin, smother and softer skin.

By Savannahon
Verified purchase
Use after derma roller to really see results!! This stuff works great for me. I’m on my second tube. I derma roll my legs once a week due to stretch marks. Then I apply Revitol twice a day on the area’s I derma rolled. My stretch marks and blemishes have lightened a lot! Again use a derma roller with this and you should definitely see results! It will sting after you derma roll and then apply Revitol but don’t worry, that’s normal.

Review explanation –
Refer to similar notes in other reviews concerning this.

Revitol stretch mark cream worked for many and didn’t work for few. Most importantly, you know why it didn’t work for the few. These reviews show that the cream is effective. How well it works for you will depend on how well you use it. You can order Revitol Stretch Mark Cream from the official website. Skin and beauty care products have to be used as directed to get the best result, it was reported that more that 80% of women who used Breast Actives as directed obtained a better result than those who didn’t.


The ingredients of revitol strength mark prevention cream explains why the cream is highly effective on striae gravidarum (stretch marks). The ingredients have, for ages been used for the treatment and care for the skin. The beautiful thing about the ingredients used in revitol stretch mark prevention cream is that they are not only used for healing an ailing skin but to also promote a healthier skin. This article list and describes the ingredients of revitol stretch mark prevention cream and at the end, gives a direct link to the official website of the product where you can order the genuine cream.
The effects of revitol stretch mark prevention cream ingredients on the skin help to heal the skin from tears, remove scars resulting from stretch marks and keep the skin healthy for prevention of stretch marks. This is how the cream does it but first, lets start with the complete list of the ingredients.

List of All Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream Ingredients

  1. Collagen
  2. Elastin
  3. Grape fruit seed extract
  4. Vitamin E
  5. Squalene oil


Collagen is the ingredient that is responsible for fortifying the skin with the strength it needs to keep stretch marks off. This ingredient is important for several other skin purposes.

Wrinkles are formed on the skin when there is not enough collagen fibers within the epidermis of the skin. The skin receives enough support when there is sufficient collagen fibers in the skin. This ingredient has proven to be effective especially on pregnancy stretch marks as well as stretch marks arising from body building. In these cases, as the body continues to add up weight and muscles there is much pressure on the skin to contain the addition. It is a common situation for the epidermis to begin to experience tears but this is prevented by tough collagen fibers. Most dermatologists consider collagen to be the most important ingredient in a stretch mark cream.

strands of collagen
Collagen is the ingredient that is responsible for fortifying the skin with the strength it needs to keep stretch marks off. This ingredient is important for several other skin purposes. Wrinkles are formed on the skin when there is not enough collagen fibers within the epidermis of the skin. The skin receives enough support when there is sufficient collagen fibers in the skin. This ingredient has proven to be effective especially on pregnancy stretch marks as well as stretch marks arising from body building. In these cases, as the body continues to add up weight and muscles there is much pressure on the skin to contain the addition. It is a common situation for the epidermis to begin to experience tears but this is prevented by tough collagen fibers. Most dermatologists consider collagen to be the most important ingredient in a stretch mark cream.


stretched elastin fibre
Elastin performs almost similar function as collagen, it is an elastic property ingredient. When the skin keeps stretching and reaches a point it appears it’s going to break, elastin sustains it to ensure that there is no tear in the epidermis.

In revitol stretch mark prevention cream, elastin acts as the ingredient that helps the skin expand as weight increases, this is how it is easy for women to go through pregnancy without having stretch marks. The other quality of this ingredient is in its ability to restore the skin to its initial state after recovering from a major increase in weight. For example, some women experience post-pregnancy stretch marks – the stretch marks didn’t appear until after child birth. As the load is offloaded the skin may find it difficult to adjust to the initial state, it’s like pulling on a rubber band and after you released it, it is unable to return to its initial state. The same is applicable to most skin that does not have enough elastin fibers. Revitol stretch mark prevention cream is able to prevent post-pregnancy stretch marks by helping the skin grow enough elastin fibers.

Grape fruit seed extract (GSE)
GSE is a collagen and elastin producing ingredient. When revitol stretch mark prevention cream is applied on the skin, this ingredient initiates the production of collagen and elastin in the epidermis of the skin. People have stretch marks when their skin cannot produce enough collagen and elastin but with grape fruit seed extract in revitol as an ingredient these two important skin fibers can be produced in sufficient amount.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E performs similar function as grape fruit seed extract – the production of collagen and elastin. One of the major purpose of using vitamin E as an ingredient in revitol stretch mark prevention cream is due to its anti-oxidant property. The ingredient prevents the loss of skin important materials such as the collagen and elastin fibers.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 is naturally produced by the skin when the skin is exposed to sunlight, it is derived from vitamin D. How revitol stretch mark prevention cream is able to fade existing stretch marks is explained by the function of this ingredient. Vitamin D3 helps in cell regeneration. By rapidly increasing dermal cells production, the skin cells containing the marks are gradually replaced and eventually the marks are removed. The revitol cream is formulated for the prevention and fading of stretch marks.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 is naturally produced by the skin when the skin is exposed to sunlight, it is derived from vitamin D. How revitol stretch mark prevention cream is able to fade existing stretch marks is explained by the function of this ingredient. Vitamin D3 helps in cell regeneration. By rapidly increasing dermal cells production, the skin cells containing the marks are gradually replaced and eventually the marks are removed. The revitol cream is formulated for the prevention and fading of stretch marks.

Squalene Oil
Squalene oil promotes healthy skin, it is the main ingredient in revitol stretch prevention cream that moisturizes and keeps the skin smooth and supple. Squalene oil is a natural moisturizer.

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream can be ordered online, you can get discounts when you order directly from the revitol official website.