Imagine a world with no lights. Where there is darkness all day everyday. That is definitely not a world anyone would love to live in. This scenario depicts how essential lighting, specifically good lighting is important to life. In this article we will discuss the importance of lighting when choosing a makeup mirror.

Bathroom makeup mirror hung over sink

How Do I Choose A Makeup Mirror?

It is important to pick the best mirror that will not only give you an accurate reflection but make makeup application as stress free and effortless as possible. Now personal preference plays a major role in your decision making as well as the following.


Where will you put the mirror? Do you want a wall mounted? Do you want something you can hold? If you are going to mount the mirror on the wall then you have to pick the best possible location to do so. It could be bathroom, bedroom or dresser, closet (walk in closet) or even living room space. It is advisable to get a table top or table mounted mirror so you can change its location whenever necessary.


Lighting is a key ingredient in creating the perfect makeup mirror. It is best to place your mirror where it can natural light during the day, however, a good makeup mirror needs it own lights. Specifically LED lights; they are the best lighting options for mirror. They are usually eco friendly, very bright and give you the best natural glow to get your makeup done.


To see the smallest detail of your makeup and your face magnification is essential. A 2X to 10X is recommended for the best experience, anything above that could possibly lead to distortion. The best mirrors usually come double sided that have a different level of magnification on each side.


Mirrors can come in metal or plastic frames, you get to choose which is best for you. Some mirrors come with handles, others without and some have frames that allows you place them flat surfaces. When you are choosing a mirror it is best to pick those that can are easily adjusted with flexible frames that have a 360-degree swivel. But it all boils down to personal choice.

Should I Buy Makeup Mirror With Lights?

You absolutely should. This would be one of the best decisions you can make for your beauty life. Imagine sitting in front your bright, well lit makeup mirror staring at your gorgeous, glowing reflection staring right back at you. You feel like a star and you are all because of the brightness and beauty of this one item.

There are several lighted makeup mirrors available in different price ranges, here are some great options.

The Riki Skinny Mirror

This mirror is highly recommended and is no. 1 on the list of best lighted makeup mirror. One interesting about this makeup mirrors lighting is that it has customized HD daylight LEDs. It also has five dimming stages.

Simplehuman Rose Gold Sensor Mirror

This is another highly recommended mirror that it’s features are as jaw dropping as it’s appearance— A colour rendering of 95 Tru-lux light system — The makeup mirror contains surgical grade LEDs which provide a full colour spectrum and it has specially patterned micro-reflectors that share light evenly in the mirror. On/Off Sensor— this detects when your face is in front of the mirror and automatically turns on the lights.

BaByliss Exquisite Beauty Mirror

This beautiful double-sided mirror is great for make-up application with normal and 3x magnifying sides. It’s other features are: Singled-sided 1x mirror. Removable 10x magnifying mirror. 3 surround light settings – low, medium, high. 2 ambient light settings – static and pulse. Long-life LED lighting.

No7 Illuminated Make-Up Mirror

Just as the name suggests this mirror is so illuminated that it removes all shadows and glares. It is a double sided makeup mirror, with 20x magnification on one side. It also comes with a dimmer switch and rotates 360 degrees.

Conair Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Made from aluminium, this mirror weighs 136.08 grams, has 7x magnification, 360 degree rotation, double sided lighting and polished chrome.

Fancii LED Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror is made from glass and ceramic, it weighs 419.57 grams. It has amazing specifications like; daylight LED light, powerful 10x magnification, advanced looking suction with 360 adjustable swivel.

Fascinate Trifold LED Lighted Mirror

This makeup mirror is endowed with A 10x magnification. It also has a touch portable vanity mirror along with a dimmable LED lights. This makeup mirror has for 180 degree rotation and double power supply.

Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror

This makeup mirror has the following features:

  • Portable vanity mirror bottom tray and LED design
  • It has 21 pieces of LED light
  • 180° Free Rotation Tri-fold and a detachable light mirror.

Here’s a list of other great options;

  • Easehold LED Vanity Make Up Tri-Fold Makeup Mirror
  • Fancii Aura Tricolor Vanity Mirror

Should I Buy Makeup Mirror Wider Than The Sink?

When choosing a makeup mirror for your bathroom vanity, buying a mirror that is wider than your sink might not be a bad idea. However, most experts won’t advise it. Experts say it’s best to get a makeup mirror that is 2 to 4 inches smaller than the vanity. Here’s what you can do instead:

Use Frameless Mirrors

These types of mirrors usually appear larger than they actually are. So if you want a big bathroom mirror without letting it be bigger than your sink, get a frameless mirror.

Where Can I Buy A Makeup Mirror With Lights?

There are several online stores to purchase your desired mirror. There are e-commerce stores like:

  • Amazon
  • Alibaba

You can also buy your makeup mirror directly from the e-commerce stores of the producers. Mirrors like Simplehuman, Fancii and others have their own websites that you can buy directly from. Not to mention the walk in mirror stores around your area.

Is It Worth It To Buy Expensive Makeup Mirror?

If you can afford it, then yes it is worth it. Most expensive makeup mirrors come with additional specifications that make them quite a pleasure to use.

Some expensive makeup mirrors comes with custom-designed high-fidelity speakers. These mirrors can also come with voice control.

It is important not to leave out that expensive makeup mirrors are more durable. This is because these mirrors have silver backing, it also prevents them from getting tarnished.

Expensive mirrors are normally very thick, they come with a thickness level of 1/8, 3/16, or ¼ inch. This prevents the mirror from taking the shape of the surface it’s placed upon. Keeping it accurate and distortion free.

What Is The Strongest Makeup Mirror?

In terms of magnification, these are the mirrors with the strongest magnification;

  • Zadro 20X Extreme Magnification Suction Cup Mirror
  • OMIRO Bathroom Mirror
  • Miyadiva Handheld 20x Magnifying Mirror
  • Fancii LED Makeup Vanity Mirror
  • MOMOKUBA Magnifying Mirror 20x / 1x magnification
  • OMIRO Hand Mirror
  • Floxite 15X Supervision Magnifying Mirror Light
  • Danielle LED Lighted Two-Sided Makeup Mirror with 15X Magnification

What Is The Best Countertop Makeup Mirror With Lights?


It comes with Lights, that are dimmable and also have 3 Lighting Modes LED Strip. This mirror is wall and tabletop mounted, it comes with a USB charging port as a plus.


This Hollywood makeup mirror comes with 15 LED bulbs. It also has 10X magnification and can be wall and table mounted.

  • LUXFURNI Vanity Mirror with Makeup Lights
  • Deweisn 36 LED Nature Daylight Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror
  • Aesfee Double-Sided 1x/7x Magnification LED Makeup Mirror
  • DOWRY 5X Tabletop Magnifying Makeup Mirror
  • Gospire 7.5 Inch Lighted Makeup Mirror
  • MIRRORVANA Large Table Desk Mirror
  • Nicare makeup mirror

Do Lighted Mirrors Provide Enough Light?

Yes, lighted mirrors give off enough light, specifically LED lighted mirrors. LED mirrors give a warm, bright light that doesn’t cause any form of damage to the eye. The best lighted mirrors come with LED lights because these are super bright and long lasting.

Deweisn LED Makeup Mirror

This mirror has a desk mirror with an adjustable stand. When opened the mirror can be adjusted to any angle necessary. The mirror can be fixed from 90 degree to 75 degree. This mirror also has; An ultra thin portable design A regular 1X magnification design rechargeable lights.

The Dual-sided Zadro led lighted mirror

This is two-sided mirror has a magnification of 10X and 1X on each sides It also has a swivel of 360º that allows you bend the mirror to your preferred angle to get a better view of any aspect of your face.

The Danielle LED makeup mirror

This is an LED lighted mirror with a 15X magnification It comes with energy consuming LED bulbs that give you a bright snd accurate reflection of yourself.

Welly lighted makeup mirror

This lovely mirror has 2X and 3X magnification, so you get to see every single detail clearly. Now applying contour, lipstick, mascara and eyeliner would be stress free and near if not perfect. To help you see perfectly even in darkness, this mirror has 21 LED lights.

  • VESAUR Professional Lighted Makeup Mirror
  • Conair Reflections Vanity Makeup Mirror
  • Floxite Vanity Mirror
  • Simplehuman 8″ Round Sensor Makeup Mirror
  • Zadro Ultra Bright LED Lighted Dual-Sided 12X/1X Dimmer Makeup Mirror
  • Jerdon 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Oval Makeup Mirror
  • Fabuday 15X Magnifying Mirror with Light
  • COSMIRROR Lighted Makeup Vanity
  • GloRiastar 10X Wall Mounted Extension Brushed Nickel Mirror Finished
  • Riki Cutie Portable Lighted Mirror
  • Funtouch Large Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror
  • Fenchilin Lighted makeup mirror

Should Your Mirror Be Wider Than Your Sink?

By aesthetic standards, the answer is no. Mirrors that are bigger than the sink tend to look ugly and misaligned. Automatically spoiling the overall beauty of the bathroom. It is best to keep your mirror to the same length as your sink or 2 to 4 inches smaller.

It is best to center your mirror directly over the sink.

Is It Ok For Mirror To Be Wider Than Vanity?

A mirror that is beyond or wider than your vanity, will cause it to appear smaller than it is. Not to mention that it will throw off the proportions of the bathroom. It is recommended that the bathroom mirror should be at least 4 inches shorter than the widest part of the vanity.

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