Perfect Skin for Your Wedding Day

Perfect Skin

Perfect Skin is every bride’s dream for her special day. It’s right up there with losing ten pounds before walking down the aisle. But brides sometimes unknowingly sabotaged their skin with the simplest acts. Here’s a short list of things you can do to stack the cards in your favor.

Don’t experiment with a new brand of makeup or skincare during the last few weeks before your wedding. Even if you’re switching to a healthier option, your skin may break out before it clears up. This isn’t always the case, but why take the chance? And if you’re using a makeup artist for your wedding, do your trial at least a month in advance so you can tell how your skin will react to her products.

Don’t do extractions or facial peels too close to the date of your wedding. This seems like a common sense statement to me, but I’ve seen enough lobster red brides to know it’s not. Ditto for eye brow waxing.

Don’t tan darker than the color you were for your trial. Besides the known dangers of tanning, switching up skin tones means the colors you used for your trial makeup may not work as well.

Don’t stress over every little thing. I know. This is virtually impossible for most brides, but if you find yourself wigging out, take a deep breath and step back for a day or two. Stress can have adverse affects on your perfect skin.

Don’t change your hair care products just before your wedding. As odd as this one seems, it makes sense. Grooming products end up on the face during the night as you sleep. Or even during the day as you exercise and sweat. A new product may react badly with your skin. Better to wait until after the wedding to try that new shine treatment.

Do take care of yourself. Wedding planning doesn’t mean you should skip the gym. Or forego down time with friends. These things will get your mind off the wedding for a little bit and reduce your stress level. Your perfect skin will thank you.

Do plan ahead if you’re prone to problem skin. Research natural brands or talk to your dermatologist six months before your wedding so you can determine a course of action to encourage perfect skin for your wedding day.

Do something that is super relaxing – yoga, meditation, massage – whatever helps you to de-stress, book an appointment. And watch your skin glow from all that peacefulness.

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