Makeup Tips for Autumn Weddings

Autumn Weddings

Makeup Tips for Autumn Weddings

Not every blushing bride wants to marry amidst spring’s Daffodils. Autumn brides have rich, earthy hues as the backdrop for their autumn wedding photos. And the crisp, cooler weather almost guarantees no makeup melt down.

If you’re an autumn bride and you’re not hiring a makeup artist for your special day, here are three beauty tips to get you gorgeous before you walk down the aisle.

Autumn Weddings


Consider a heavier moisturizer if you are prone to dry skin. Cooler days can wreck havoc on dry skin. If your summer moisturizer was a light weight, try using something a little more substantial for your wedding day to avoid dry, patchy skin.


Don’t assume you have to only wear earthy makeup colors at Autumn Weddings. Sure, a bronze or brown eye shadow looks good on just about everyone and it would look great in your outdoor shots. But explore adding other color families to make your look interesting. Jewel tones work great with bronze and brown and they create a point of interest. Try a deep plum eyeliner or a garnet lipstick to give your look pizazz. Navy works great, too.


If you are prone to fall allergies, be sure to bring powder and your eye liner along for touch ups.

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