Natural Perfumes For The Perfect Feminine Scent

Natural Perfumes

One of my favorite morning rituals is selecting the fragrance I’ll wear for the day. Scent is an accessory, reflecting my mood and personality. So of course, when I learned more about the questionable ingredients used in most name brand fragrances, I was disappointed. It was akin to seeing a love interest in an unflattering, and undoubtedly real light, for the first time.

Natural Perfumes For The Perfect Feminine Scent

Like the ingredients in cosmetics, the FDA does not closely regulate the ingredients in fragrances. No surprise there, right? While many high end fragrances smell amazing, if you look closely you’ll discover the nasty truth. Those floral and fruity notes you’re inhaling are rarely the real deal. Most likely the rose or jasmine aroma you’re drawn to was created with synthetic chemicals. That’s right, not a drop of real rose.

Have you ever gotten a headache while walking through the fragrance aisle at your favorite department store? These chemicals are probably the culprits. If you’ve never gotten a fragrance migraine, trust me, it’s the worst. Even if you’re lucky enough not to suffer headaches, these chemicals have other consequences like hormone disruption and severe allergic reactions. If you want more information, the Environmental Working Group’s website really gets into the nitty gritty on the chemicals often used in popular fragrances.

Luckily, there are all natural alternatives.


Pacifica is an Oregon based company, founded by Brook Harvey Taylor and Billy Taylor. From a young age Brook had a fascination with fragrances, which grew as she studied aromatherapy during her college years. Pacifica uses as many natural products as they possibly can in every product, and takes pride in being cruelty-free and vegan.

I was instantly drawn to their roll-on applicator line, with fourteen fragrances to choose from, and no phthalates, nitro-musks, or benzene. What’s not to like? If you’re more of a spray or solid fragrance girl, Pacifica has those, too.

My two faves are: Tahitian Gardenia ($12), with its vintage inspired blend of Jasmine, Sweet Orange, and Tea Leaves, and Lotus Garden($12), with its sweet fruity and floral mix of sparkling Yuzu, Lotus Blossom, Jasmine, and Olibanum. Pacifica has herbal, fruity, woodsy and floral options. It’s a fragrance lover’s candy store! Pacifica is available online or at select Whole Foods.

NOTE: We were sent several fragrances for this story (complimentary). Lindy only wrote about the ones she liked and that had ingredients she trusted as natural.

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