BClean: Your One-Stop Clean Beauty Destination

According to 1938’s personal care industry regulation, Companies are free to do whatever they want, with no government inspection, packing products that we use every day (face wash, mascara, shampoo, etc.) with toxic ingredients.


BClean is a revolutionary app which is creating new standard of beauty; their goal is empower a clean beauty lifestyle and change the skincare world as we know it. Through the app you connect with a community of other clean beauty enthusiasts, discussing trends, news, events, and secret tips. The founders of App suffered from severe skin issues (eczema and psoriasis) and during their research uncovered that as a society we have more skin issues than ever before in our history.

BClean focuses on a providing a unique personalized skin care experience to address these issues. By customizing skincare products to your age, skin tone, allergies, and skin challenges you cater to individuals skincare needs and in turn create a healthy epidermis.

While what we put on our skin is quite important as we know beauty starts from it. Pink lipstick might be the final touch to your makeup, but how our appearance gives the feel is completely depends on our diet and health, what we eat, and how we communicate with others.  This fundamental approach to beauty underlies this app. BClean focusing on providing a holistic, clean beauty experience for the world.

BClean helps consumers easily decode components found in beauty and hygiene products for both adults and children. Through the app, you can get best professional advice about your skin care and clean beauty routine.

It helps you to find out what you should and should not use, both natural and synthetic. It is rapidly becoming a must-app to empower clean beauty lifestyles through community connection and a personalized beauty experience.

Clean Beauty is about being beautiful while using the latest cleansing and beauty products with no side effects. BClean provides help to those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis through the way of getting to know what others are doing to help.

BClean created the world’s first clean beauty community where you can chat with others to share thoughts and beauty experience, skincare diary to track of your daily routine and life to achieve a higher level of wellness. App is launching on December 1st, 2018 empower clean beauty lifestyles through community connections.

To start using the app you can create BClean Profile.  At the moment Bclean is collecting pre-launch list, just subscribe at www.Bcleanapp.com to be part of this revolutionary clean beauty community and set the new trends in personal care industry.


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