5 Tips For Organizing Your Beauty Station


Is your beauty station begin to looking a bit more like a nightmare than a place dedicated to making you look your best? Creating looks that make you feel from the beauty from the inside and out often require a wide variety of products in all shapes and sizes, and this means that it is easy for everything to get mixed up into a huge, chaotic mess.

By organizing your beauty station you not only ensure that you can easily access the right product to create a healthy and attractive look, but you can also reduce the amount of time and stress involved in this process. I think that we can agree to live a more balanced life all of us could use a little more tim e in the day and a lot less stress. Let these five tips help you organize your makeup, lotion, brushes and all the jazz, so that you can continue onto all the other things you need to get to.

1. Clean The Space And Beauty Products

Before you start organizing anything, give everything a thorough wipe down. This way when you organize everything in plain view, that view won’t be covered in sticky, smudgy and generally ugly gook from beauty products.

2. Choose A Space

Consider if the current space where you store your beauty products is the most optimal in your residence. Is there enough lighting? Do you have plenty of room? Would somewhere else work as a better space? Once you decide exactly where you want to have your beauty space, consider exactly what type of organization will work best for that area.

3. Check Out These Storage Methods

Here are some fabulous ideas from Cosmopolitan on unconventional, space-saving methods to store beauty and hair products. These organization tips are not only aesthetic appeal, but they make it easy to see and access all of the products with little to no effort. One of our favorite tips from the article was to put a magnet at the bottom of compacts then attach them to a board on the wall; this tip saves so much space and it has an appealing modern feeling for decor.

4. Consider Purchasing An Organizer

There are tons of different makeup organizers out on the market, so it is up to you which appeals to your sense of style. Make sure that you get one that matches the amount of makeup and beauty products that you usually have on hand. If you plan on accumulating more beauty products, then splurge for a larger size of organizer than you may need.

5. Keep It Consistently Clean

Once you have everything organized it is easy to get lazy and slip back into old jumbled habits. Make sure when you are done with an item to put it back in its rightful place. Also, throw away any empty makeup containers and organize new makeup containers as needed.


All of these simple and easy tips will assist you in breezing through the beauty routine everyday. This means that you’ll be able to keep to a routine to maintain the health of your skin and style, but that it’ll also be  to easily create more intricate looks for special occasions in shorter periods of time.

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