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Experts suggest consumers don't use formaldehyde straightening products at home

Formaldehyde Saga Continues…

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Lab specimens in formaldehyde

Written by Chai

Concern over the use of formaldehyde and methylene glycol in hair straightening products (such as Brazilian Blowout) has put new pressure on the FDA and OSHA to initiate more safety measures.

Following the recent Cosmetics Ingredient Review’s (CIR) findings, experts are advising that the use of products containing these two chemicals should be strictly limited to in-salon services and not for at-home use. John Baily, head scientist of the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) stresses that, “Until the review is completed and regulatory authorities have had the opportunity to assess it and come to their own conclusions, we urge consumers to exercise caution using these products.”

Concerns have been fueled over whether breathing in these gases, especially when in aerosol form, will result in adverse reactions to both consumers and salon workers. Both chemicals have been known to emit vapors into the air once heated and could cause harm.

While the panel concluded that formaldehyde and methylene are safe when used in the smallest of concentrations, further precautionary measures must be examined. OSHA is currently responsible for regulating safety guidelines, and along with the FDA, is being urged to lay down stricter warnings and to objectively follow through on the proper procedure necessary to ensure public safety.

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