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Go Green

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By Chai

Whether large corporate brands are willing to take notice of the growing shift in the beauty industry or not, there’s an increasing number of educated consumers searching for healthier, safer alternatives.

The customer today, while shopping for home goods and personal care items, is able to base their choices not solely on price, but also on the sourcing and distribution of the product.

If you’re considering taking the plunge to a greener, healthier lifestyle, but you’re at a loss as to where to start on your journey, Eco-Emi is a definitive resource for finding what works and what’s best to avoid.

Eco-Emi introduces you to eco-friendly personal care and home products on a monthly basis. Simply sign up and pay $15 per month to receive samples of five or more handpicked, earth-friendly brands delivered to your door. It’s a fun way to try new products without the guilt.

“I started this company for two main reasons,” says Christine, Eco-Emi’s founder, “One, I wanted to join a program like this and could not find anything, and two, I lost my dog who was my best friend last year to a crazy disease that I could have cured using all natural foods and herbal powders.”

The program has already included well-known brand Pangea Organics (found in Sephora stores nationwide) along with up and coming skin care lines jeune d’âge organics and Erbaviva, to name a few. When choosing which brands to work with, Christine holds herself to high standards, “We tend to mainly feature organic, wild harvested, all natural, vegan, vegetarian and Fair Trade products. All natural is tricky and I really have to snoop when featuring these to see where they are sourcing their ingredients from.”

Boxes used to ship each package are made from recycled materials, including the personalized “Thank You” cards that are printed on recycled paper using soy ink. Customers are also treated to detailed information about each product along with personalized color wrapping making the spirit of receiving mail exciting again, “I truly believe opening the box every month is so much fun because you have no clue what to expect. What will the packaging look like? What colors will it be?”

My May Box from Eco Emi

Designed to also demystify the idea of eco-friendly being costly, customers are encouraged to sample each item and if they like the results, add it to growing list of safe beauty brands on the market.

The goal is to ultimately become comfortable recognizing and purchasing healthier alternatives than what is currently sold in most department stores. It’s the perfect way to counter the fear of what goes into a tube of lipstick or face cream. “Who wants to use makeup that can make you sick, hurts animals and pollutes the world, regardless of a brand name,” says Christine.”

Christine advises that though you won’t become a “green guru” overnight, taking the first steps to a healthier beauty philosophy can start with reading just one product label and doing a bit of research. The important thing is to start, be mindful and seek help if you need to.

With more consumers abandoning brands that market products laden with petrochemicals and that still test on animals, Eco Emi is setting a new standard for the smart consumer.

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